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Increase in conversion rate from our PPC campaigns.

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Average CPA for our Corporate Print campaign.

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Average click-through rate across our Google advertising.

The Challenge

JUMP DP specialise in Print and Direct Mail B2B campaigns through sustainable methods. Their main USP is maintaining the quality of printing whilst being 100% carbon neutral. They achieve this by using a Carbon Balance Printer and making a continuous effort to plant trees. Examples of companies that use JUMP DP to outsource Print services include Mastercard, Mindful Chef and Chelsea FC Academy. 

JUMP DP approached The Good Marketer initially to launch a Paid Search campaign, with the goal of generating more enquiries for both their Print and Direct Mail services. They had previously worked with an agency before, however they did not see the results they had been promised, so were eager to work with a PPC agency that valued transparency and delivered data-led results which were cost-efficient. They also wanted support in building brand awareness and in highlighting their efforts to be one of the leading carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly printing brands on the market.

During our analysis we identified several initial challenges:

  • JUMP DP’s online presence was near non-existent, making it difficult for customers to find their services.
  • The print industry is highly competitive, with established Direct Mail competitors taking up space on SERPs.
  • Their website itself was not quite ready to take enquiries and lacked content as well as brand identity.


    When JUMP DP came on board, we initially focused our efforts on PPC advertising as this would help us to boost the brand awareness for JUMP DP with high-volume but affordable keywords. A Paid Search campaign would also help us to double down on niche, industry-specific keywords in order to attract in-market audiences and generate valuable leads.

    We began by conducting in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis relating to both the Print and Direct Mail services, also focusing on search terms and USPs surrounding sustainability and eco-friendly industry services. These keywords would allow us to target potential customers for whom working with an eco-conscious brand was important. Our ad copy balanced the key USPs that would make JUMP DP stand out, as well as its sustainable ethos and quality of work. Considering that the existing website was not optimised for lead generation, we developed conversion-optimised landing pages specific to each service to maximise the likelihood of conversion and reduce the number of steps in the customers’ conversion journey.

    Initially, we launched two Google Search campaigns, one for each service to allow us to better manage budgets and search terms. After a few weeks of successful running, we broadened our targeted search terms to capture more relevant traffic, adding in keywords like ‘Advanced Direct Mail’ and ‘Leaflet printing’. Doing so allowed us to have a wider range of industry-specific keywords that would drive traffic, and so we monitored these compared with our initial broader terms to ensure that our budgets were directed to those that were the highest performing; using cost per click, CPA and conversion rates as our indicators.

    In the first two months of the campaigns being live, we noticed a drop in clicks to landing page leads. This prompted us to alter the ad messaging and test out a different landing page layout, using past case studies as a guide for what worked well for clients in similar or transferable industries. Doing so saw us improve the conversion rate by 69% to 3.45% in the two months following this change.

    Though our click-through rate was consistently high, at around 5-8%, this depended heavily on the ad types within the Search campaigns – so we proactively analysed which responsive ad headline and description combinations drove the most clicks and ensured these were the only live ads to maximise impact. 

    During the first three months of advertising, we discovered that while the number of enquiries generated was largely evenly split between Print and Direct Mail, the enquiries for Print services were of lower value. These enquiries were from smaller businesses regarding smaller printing jobs, which were not as profitable for JUMP DP. To combat this, we created a separate campaign and landing page focusing on corporate clients – the ad copy for which honed in on the quality of work and price USPs, while the landing page showcased more examples of larger corporate work that JUMP DP had done, such as Mastercard and Mindful Chef. We also were more aggressive with our budget allocation for this campaign, considering the competitiveness of the corporate print industry.

    Shifting across the original print campaign to focus more on sustainability and JUMP DP’s partnership with Ecologi allowed us to divert more of the budget towards the larger corporate jobs while still bringing in enquiries which promoted the brand’s ethos of conscious, carbon-neutral printing.

    In 6 months, we were able to generate positive results from our Search campaigns encompassing Direct Mail, Corporate Print and Print, averaging around 30 leads a month. These were highly relevant, qualified leads rather than a high volume of irrelevant and low-profit enquiries as a result of our proactive management and messaging adaptation. This was achieved with only a 14% rise in overall CPA, while leads increased significantly in quality during this period.

    We were also able to attract established businesses like Tiffany Jewellery US and a national stadium cricket brand as a result of our non-branded Search campaigns for Print in a highly competitive market. This meant that we’d improved brand awareness for relevant industry keywords which originally JUMP DP were not appearing for on the paid SERPs, and created engaging ads to draw in the likes of these renowned businesses. We also managed to secure Direct Mail clients from larger corporate names such as Sostre Group and FTCH Ltd.

    The Results

    Since working with Jump DP, we have: