Overall ROAS of 3.35 in a three month period between March – May 2021.

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28% increase in direct purchases for Top Of The Funnel Facebook ads.


Over 545 purchases directly from Facebook/Instagram between March – May 2021.

The Challenge

Relco London is an established e-commerce brand that sells vintage clothing for men and women from the 60’s and 70’s, providing high quality and unique products that cater to niche interests. They specialise in creating retro style clothing for the ‘Mod’, ‘Ska’ and ‘Skinhead’ subcultures of London.

Relco London approached us to work with them on their Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns in September 2020. During our initial analysis, we were able to identify key areas with opportunities for improvement, immediately plugging gaps in their marketing strategy to improve the efficiency and impact of their campaigns.

Their Paid Social audience targeting was incredibly broad, driving a high cost for little return. While broad Top of the Funnel targeting can be a crucial strategy for e-commerce brands with products with wide appeal, we identified that this needed to be refined to lower the overall cost of Facebook advertising to create more impactful and profitable campaigns. From there, we could then work on expanding our approach in a more full-funnel structure.


We began by researching what Relco London’s customer’s interests were and who would most likely click through to the website and make a purchase. 

We did this by conducting competitor research, using our knowledge of the e-commerce industry and direct competitors to influence the audience interests that we capitalised on. 

With the ideal audience demographic in mind, these interests included bands like The Rolling Stones and The Jam, as well as tattoos and Mod scooters like Vespa’s or Lambretta’s. 

By refining the current Top of the Funnel audience targeting within the campaigns, this ensured that we were working with a tighter pool of more relevant users who would see the ads. 

During the three months between March and May, we have worked closely with Relco London to improve their overall ROAS during what has been a turbulent period for e-commerce, given the changing customer behaviour resulting from the pandemic and the easing of lockdown. This has required innovative solutions that cater to an unexpected consumer landscape and ensure that relevancy and quality remain at the heart of the campaign messaging.

We had previously set up Dynamic Product Ads to address the previous campaigns targeting a broad audience without offering dynamic, visual ads to encourage clicks and conversions. 

These Dynamic Product Ads provided the online user with a slideshow of different products without clicking off the page. Facebook automatically rearranges the products so that the most clicked item remains at the front of the queue. Through optimisation of these campaigns, we achieved a 28% increase in the number of direct purchases that this DPA Prospecting campaign generated for Top of the Funnel audiences.

Furthermore, to continually refine the messaging that our campaigns were running and increase their relevance, we created new tailored ad copy specific to each audience grouping – for example, ‘Mod’ specific ad copy shown to people with those relevant interests. 

As a result of our campaign management, we also maintained a stable Cost per Conversion across the live campaigns, at £17. This was also during a time when iOS updates impacted our ability to track all-important cookies from users and affected the reporting of campaign success on Facebook as a platform due to changing consent procedures.

Our Paid Social targeting strategy also continually developed, with campaigns driving ads to newer and broader audiences at the Top of the Funnel to create a profitable full-funnel customer journey wherein prospects are turned to returning customers. 

We did this by expanding our more niche interests beyond the expected demographics of those that align with the ‘Mod’ and ‘Skinhead’ subcultures – in line with the products offered and the appeal of their vintage clothing to users with a general interest in retro or vintage style clothing.

Though we had previously narrowed our audience targeting at a granular level, this had allowed us to regain control of where our ads were showing. This meant that when we did broaden our targeting, it remained highly relevant and ensured our ads were showing to interested users who were likely to convert.

This has allowed us to increase the overall number of conversions and the efficiency of the campaigns and achieve a significant drop in cost per conversion of 32%. 

Improving ROAS for Relco London has been a consistent target for us during our work together. Within the last three months between March and May, we have driven an average ROAS of 3.35 across Facebook Ads. 

We also saw an individual ROAS of 4.99 for our Bottom of the Funnel campaign at its highest. When audience targeting, Facebook CPM and overall consumer behaviour were volatile for e-commerce businesses.

The Results

Since working with Relco London we have: