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Increase in CTR over a six month period.

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Increase in total Conversion Value from Facebook Advertising.

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Overall ROAS in six month period between November to May.

The Challenge

Relco London is an established eCommerce brand that sells vintage clothing for men and women from the 60’s and 70’s, providing high-quality and unique products that cater to niche interests. They specialise in creating retro style clothing for the ‘Mod’, ‘Ska’ and ‘Skinhead’ subcultures of London.

Relco London approached us to work with them on their Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns in September 2020. During our initial analysis, we were able to identify key areas with opportunities for improvement, immediately plugging gaps in their marketing strategy to improve the efficiency and impact of their campaigns.

  • Broad, ineffective Top of the Funnel Paid Social campaigns.
  • High spend on Paid Social but with little return.
  • Lack of relevant, niche Paid Social targeting to drive purchases from engaged shoppers.


Facebook/Instagram Advertising

During our initial research, competitor analysis allowed us to pinpoint crucial opportunities for Relco, using our knowledge of the e-commerce industry and direct competitors to influence our targeted audience interests. With the ideal audience demographic in mind, these interests included bands like The Rolling Stones and The Jam, as well as tattoos and Mod scooters like Vespa or Lambretta. 

By refining the current Top of the Funnel audience targeting within the campaigns, this ensured that we were working with a tighter pool of more relevant users who would see the ads. 

During the last six months between November 2022 and April 2023, we have worked closely with Relco London to improve their overall ROAS during what has been a turbulent period for e-commerce, considering the changing customer behaviour resulting from the cost-of-living crisis, putting more strain on consumers’ expendable income. This has required innovative solutions that cater to an unexpected consumer landscape while retaining high quality and relevant campaign messaging. As a result of our optimisations, we have achieved an overall ROAS of 8.08 driving a 90% improvement and a 224% increase in total Conversion Value during this period.

This was achieved by optimising our cold conversion targeting and making use of the available data to inform our strategy. This involved creating new lookalikes from more detailed custom audiences and restricting targeting (based on age, gender, platform, device) to only our top-performing audiences. This meant that the budget was funnelled into only areas delivering the highest return. We also paired the ‘scroll-stopping’ ability of compelling creative content with the engagement we can achieve through dynamic ads (DPA) to raise the CTR to 3.40,  resulting in more traffic flowing to Relco’s site.

To continually refine our messaging and increase our ads’ relevance, we created tailored ad copy specific to each audience grouping – for example, ‘Mod’ specific ad copy to show to people with this interest. We also have ensured that messaging is relevant to each stage of the funnel, i.e cold messaging is more educational and hot copy is more sales focused.

As a result of our campaign management, we have been able to reduce the cost-per-conversion by 46% compared to the previous period. This has been achieved during a time when iOS updates have impacted our ability to track all-important cookies from users. These changes have affected the reporting of campaign success on Facebook due to the changing consent regulations. 

While conversions API (CAPI) had already been set up, we went a step further and introduced automatic advanced tracking which gives Facebook more data points for each customer. This has improved our tracking capabilities and made newly introduced assets more effective.

Our digital marketing strategy has also evolved to include email marketing: creating email newsletters and flows in Klaviyo to engage new leads and re-engage existing customers. Due to the combination of our email marketing and the introduction of a lead generation campaign, we have been able to generate 5263 leads in the past 6 months at a CPL of £0.45.

This has allowed us to increase our campaigns’ efficiency, achieve a significant 43% increase in CTR to 3.47% across the campaigns, and boost ROAS to 3.60. We also generated a 41% improvement to the total Conversion Value, at £41K between January and June. We also saw an individual ROAS of 4.99 for our Bottom of the Funnel campaign at its highest – all at a time when audience targeting, Facebook CPM and overall consumer behaviour were volatile for e-commerce businesses.


During our initial research, we found that the site had 40 Product Listing Pages (collection pages) that weren’t leveraging their potential. The pages weren’t keyword optimised, and they lacked an internal linking strategy. 

During our partnership with Relco London, we have worked on the content optimisation of the product listing pages as well as the most important PDPs (Product Description Pages) on the site. Our strategy was to initially optimise the low-hanging fruits or quick wins that we found within the site to generate a fast improvement, and to later address more complex site issues. Moreover, to increase the variety of ranked keywords, we have worked on the creation of 30 blog posts to bring organic traffic through informational-intent-related keywords.

In this regard, we also worked on the technical aspects of the site to address its main issues. After the initial technical audit, we found out that their main issues were related to duplicate content and URLs, Javascript and CSS issues, and Core Web Vitals issues. Hence, we have been working during these past 15 months to address all these issues. We have also worked on a Digital PR strategy in order to improve the organic traffic, securing a total of 45 backlinks over the past 15 months. 

We have observed that, like other e-commerce businesses in the pandemic, Relco London experienced a peak in traffic that later on reduced when people started going back to traditional shops. In response to these industry trends, we have continually studied the behaviour of the site and optimised content accordingly to maximise conversions in this turbulent period.

Since March 2022, our strategy has led to an average monthly increase in the collection pages of 2.55% in clicks and 6.42% in impressions in the collection pages (or PLPs). In this regard, we have seen monthly increases in impressions on the collection pages that have been over 35%. Furthermore, we have had an average monthly increase in clicks of 1.26% within the whole site and an average monthly increase in impressions of 3.68%. In terms of positions, the site has now 37 more keywords within the first ten results than at the beginning of this period.

The Results

Between November 2022 and April 2023, we have:

Between March 2022 and June 2023, we have: