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Increase in total sales in the previous year due.


Achieved an overall ROAS on our Meta campaigns.

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Our Meta campaigns achieved a high average order value.

The Challenge

East Pizzas was born in 2017 by a small team of foodies obsessed with using locally sourced ingredients to create delicious pizzas. The brand initially had two shops in the heart of Edinburgh and developed a large following of loyal customers in the city.

During the pandemic, there was more interest than ever in being able to make delicious food at home, and it became clear that the market for homemade pizzas was booming. Seeing an opportunity to share their dough with the world, East Pizzas launched East Pizzas Dough in 2022 with the aim to make it as easy as possible for people to make great pizza at home.

With this in mind, they were looking for a young and energetic marketing agency to lead their campaigns and launch the brand on Facebook/Instagram ads. The goal of this partnership was to leverage our experience to accelerate East Pizzas Dough’s growth and build a long-term partnership.

The initial challenges we identified were: 

  • Lack of awareness and traffic to the new offering due to it being a new brand.
  • A limited amount of content available to communicate the offering 
  • A lack of social proof due to no previous customer base.
  • An uncertainty around the success of the business, which meant limited resources and difficulty scaling.


As a new business, we needed to leverage Facebook/Instagram advertising to attract traffic to the site using targeted ad copy and audiences. Our core focus for East Pizzas Dough was a primary conversion campaign and a conversion remarketing campaign; both would be focused on driving people to the site to take the desired action of making a purchase. Those who didn’t purchase at the cold stage of the funnel would be included in the remarketing campaign to encourage them to revisit the website and make a purchase. We ensured that the messaging and audience targeting were tailored according to the stage the user was in their purchasing journey.

To elevate brand awareness and drive enhanced performance and sales for our client, we strategically introduced Google Ads. Our approach encompassed a multi-faceted strategy, which included the launch of Pmax campaigns and search campaigns, complemented by brand campaigns. Initially, our primary focus was on the search aspect, aimed at finding new potential customers. As we delved deeper into the data, we discovered that brand-related terms and keywords were proving to be potent drivers of sales within the search domain. This led us to introduce a Pmax Campaign alongside a brand campaign to engage and convert new customers while ensuring that existing customers were not inadvertently targeted. Furthermore, we extended our support to East Pizzas Dough, facilitating the successful introduction of their new product through strategically crafted campaigns and ads.

In order to create effective visual messaging, we provided creative support for the creation of assets, including both static images and video content. With clear guidance, we received a variety of content from the client, which was then edited and reformatted into finished assets that represented a strong brand identity.

Getting across the essence of the brand was essential to help us build awareness for East Pizzas Dough as a new business with big competitors. We ensured the ad copy and creatives were tailored accordingly for the specific audiences we were targeting at each stage of the funnel. This strategy proved effective, and we achieved an overall ROAS of 3.40 across our campaigns.

To continue to improve the performance, we ensured that the budget was spent effectively to support the performance and scaling of the account. We conducted regular audience research based on demographics, location, interests and behaviours, which allowed us to quickly adapt and optimise any ad sets which weren’t performing to their full potential. With a few tweaks and changes, we were able to identify this and turn them into winning audiences.

This optimisation process also spanned our visual creative. In order to refine the best creative, we utilised the data and measured key metrics to evaluate the highest-performing creative. To keep the intended audience engaged and interacting with our ads, we changed ad copy where necessary. We tested different variations of CTA to find the winning ad combination. As a result of these optimisations, we consistently achieved a CPA below £10.00 in the cold campaign and an £8.81 CPA overall.

Once our always-on campaigns were optimised for success, we decided to capitalise on key events such as Father’s Day; we created topical campaigns which helped build brand awareness and grow the account. We promoted our Father’s Day campaign over the two-week period leading up to the event. Over this period, we increased our ad spend by 49% and saw a 64% increase in purchases, an 8.8% decrease in CPA with a ROAS of 3.54 (compared to the previous period).

Meanwhile, our always-on campaigns had gathered enough data to re-target customers further down the funnel. Our re-targeting campaign quickly saw success, delivering an overall ROAS of over 5. As we continued to scale these campaigns, we encountered a problem rarely seen – the campaigns were doing too well! The orders were coming in faster than our client could fulfil them, leading to sleepless nights and even turning off the ads until they could cope with the demand.

In addition to our broader marketing efforts, our team has made significant strides in enhancing email marketing automation. We’ve meticulously analysed key periods and strategically deployed email campaigns to bolster performance. Notably, our recent Father’s Day campaign yielded outstanding results, boasting an impressive 66.3% open rate among our primary audience and an equally remarkable 10.2% click rate. These remarkable figures have translated into a substantial 200% increase in overall revenue during this targeted period.

Throughout this journey of rapid growth, we engaged with the client through regular updates, in which we discussed the performance over the 14-day period and our actions on the account. This enabled us to provide insight and plan for the next steps on the account, such as shooting new content or targeting new audiences. This dynamic has helped us to deliver the best possible results.

We also provided a more in-depth analysis with monthly advertising reports detailing the results we were seeing, which was provided as a visual dashboard with a clear breakdown of the actions and suggestions for the next month. This allowed all those involved to contribute collaboratively to make the campaigns a success.

The Results

Over the last 6 months, we were able to achieve the following: