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Attained a 472% YoY sales increase despite COVID-19.


We increased Facebook ROAS from 2.58 to 3.96.

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Generated a consistent 34% increase in average order value YoY.

The Challenge

The Indian spice brand is a family-owned and operated eCommerce business, offering authentic, gourmet Indian spices that connect people around the world.

When the team approached us in August 2019, they had a straightforward goal in mind: to increase the volume of website sales and to increase their ROAS on Facebook. 

Like so many of our SME clients, they are an independent brand and were keen to bring in additional expertise to fuel their marketing campaigns. When they first approached us, they were keen for our fresh eyes and new ideas to help develop their marketing even further, whilst they focused on introducing new collections and the operation side of the business in-house. 

We conducted an initial assessment and identified that our key areas for growth and improvement were going to be: 

  • Developing the website as a sales tool to generate more conversions and revenue. 
  • Taking advantage of the fantastic, luxe-style imagery and use this to diversify ad creative. 
  • Leveraging over 3,000 5-star reviews on the website and highlighting this incredible achievement as a persuasive USP. 


To tackle the challenges we identified, we initially began to take control of any existing campaigns, pausing the client’s current efforts in order to effectively and thoroughly refine the use of Facebook Advertising. 

We then implemented several new campaigns to capture customers at each stage of the funnel;

  • Interest-Based Campaigns – people who were interested in Curry/Indian Cooking.
  • Engagement Campaigns – people who have engaged with the brand Facebook Page and Instagram Page.
  • Remarketing Campaigns – people who had visited the website in the last 90 days but not purchased.
  • Lookalike Campaigns – people who were a lookalike audience of those who had previously purchased.

By utilising these campaign styles, we were able to attract highly engaged users, targeting individuals who were statistically likely to be interested in the product. As a result, we were able to produce a significant volume of sales generated by traffic driven to the website from our ads.

In order to increase the Average Order Value we collaborated with the client and we came up with the idea of publishing  collections and bundle deals to encourage customers to spend more to get better value for money. The Average Order Value consequently increased by 34%, improving overall revenue. 

Throughout the year, we scaled ad spend to 8 times what it was previously, while still maintaining a profitable ROAS for the company. We were able to do this as the ads were crafted to target the right people at the right time, consistently generating more conversions. 

But we were also aware we had to keep going one step further and continuously stay apprised of eCommerce trends.

Throughout the lockdowns of 2020, we added other interest-based audiences that were growing now that consumers had more time on their hands and were motivated buyers in the cooking and ingredients industry. Moreover, we were able to capitalise on a brand that has a larger awareness and following and reach a completely new audience that were not directly interested in the product offering but were potential customers, resulting in a positive ROAS.

This proactive, forward-thinking strategy to advertising has allowed us to expand our audience base beyond directly relevant interests. We’ve continued to finetune the campaigns, publish useful, on-topic content and regular re-analysed traffic, behavioural paths and user interactions to drive results. Not only that but we have been able to build a recognisable brand, acquire loyal customers and even more direct searches and conversions.

A key component of the success of our ​Facebook Ad Campaigns​ has been the improvements we have made to the website and the product ranges; for example, we have added Drift Live Chat and Hotjar Heatmaps.

Alongside our Conversion Rate Optimisation and Facebook Advertising Management, we have also provided the team with ​Email Marketing​ best practice to ensure all avenues were performing optimally.

From the client’s side, a key factor in their success is the collection of over 3,000 5-star reviews, an incredible achievement and a true reflection of the company, which we are able to leverage in our Facebook Advertising efforts. Further to this, the client offered a generous referral scheme to their current customers, which encouraged them to invite their friends and family to buy as well. 

All our marketing efforts have worked holistically together. In the year of 2020, we were able to drive a 470% increase in sales and work closely with the client on strategies to increase the average order value, releasing and promoting collections of products for key marketing dates throughout the year, and improve the success of their ads to generate significant results. 

The Results

Over the course of 2020, we have: