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Achieved a 125% uplift in purchases.


Dropped the cost per acquisition by 50%.


Achieved a 5.23% uplift in overall revenue.

The Challenge

Regtransfers is a private number plate broker that has become the UK’s leading supplier of personal car registrations. They are the largest supplier in the country with around 100 employees, and the brand sells its own stock as well as on behalf of the public.

The Good Marketer has been working with Regtransfers, focusing on retargeting their audiences, starting with hot campaigns and then moving on to adding in cold. With these campaigns, they wanted to recapture people back onto the website and target those who have looked at a number plate in order to get them back to make a conversion.

We identified several key KPIs that we wanted to monitor and analyse during the campaign life cycle:

  • Pixel and catalogue issues cause us to be unable to see conversion value or ROAS.
  • A lack of social media strategy.
  • Competitive market.
  • There is a lot of interest, but a niche audience is needed to make the decision to purchase.
  • The vast array of products.

The Solution

To achieve the goals they have in mind, Regtransfers required a proactive and energetic marketing agency like The Good Marketer to launch their Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns and grow the business to its full potential.
For Regtransfers, we recommended a Conversion campaign as the primary approach, alongside a Dynamic Product Ad campaign (Catalogue Sales). Initially, these campaigns will target individuals who have previously visited the website but have yet to take action, such as making a purchase. To support these campaigns and ensure their effectiveness, we will incorporate other stages of the marketing funnel.

To maximise engagement, we will customise the ad copy and creative specifically for the audiences we are targeting. The first step involves reminding them about the wide range of products available and subsequently offering tempting incentives, for instance, a captivating “Summer Sale | Get Up To 25% Off” offer (provided as an example). Through these strategic measures, we aim to re-engage potential customers and encourage them to take further action.

Throughout this, we are focusing on supporting Regtransfers with the strategic direction of the campaigns whilst increasing the returning customer rate.
Throughout the campaigns, we increased budgets to maximise high-performing ad sets & decreased budgets on lower-performing ad sets to preserve spending and paused Low-Performing Ads, allowing the algorithm to work towards our highest-performing ads.

The Good Marketer combated ad fatigue by scouting and testing new audiences, whether interest-based, custom or lookalike audiences. To further refine our audience & ensure we’re reaching the best possible people, we added exclusions, including locations, demographics, placements, and ad types. And ensured the messaging and approach taken appealed to the correct audience in correlation to the seasons, adjusting ad spend to correlate with periods of increased interest in maintaining and looking after their pride and joy. This allowed us to capitalise on further opportunities when we experienced better weather.

We worked to improve creatives by assessing our engagement metrics, such as CTR, and testing new copy and creatives where engagement metrics are low to establish which copy/media resonates best with our audience. We also implemented A/B testing to gain audience insights and decipher which type of ads will perform best with our audience.


Collaborating with Regtransfers, we crafted a responsive strategy tailored to the automotive industry’s seasonal dynamics. 

Since we started working with Regtransfers, we have been able to:

  • Achieve outstanding performance metrics, including a 4.76% Average Outbound Click-Through Rate (CTR), a 25% increase in Add to Cart (ATC) actions, a 34% boost in landing page views, and a substantial 125% increase in purchases, leading to a 5.23% rise in overall revenue during the same period.
  • Create carefully structured funnel and targeted Facebook/Instagram campaigns resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) from May to July 2022
  • Implement a proactive and ongoing strategy that is agile to the seasons and key events within the automotive industry.
  • Create a structured funnel and well thought-out warm and targeted hot funnel to nurture potential customers to lead to making a conversion.
  • Ensure correct targeting and exclusions, harnessing the pixel events and having tailored ad copy and creatives.
  • Support the client in managing their Facebook/Instagram campaigns.
  • Build a close relationship with the client to maximise working relations and help lead to the best possible performance, ensuring we could be reactive and maximise skill sets and the team they had.