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Achieved an incredibly low bounce rate of 13.52%.

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Increase their eCommerce conversion rate by 52.84%.

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Drove an increase of 35.29% in organic transactions over the three month period.

The Challenge

Kuishi approached us in 2020 with the aim of making their website more independent as a sales stream as opposed to relying on third-party platforms like Amazon and ultimately retaking control of their return on investment. 

As a unique company that primarily sells amber glass bottles for refillable soaps and liquids, we had to consider different ways to improve their SEO ranking as well as taking a look at the website in its current format to identify any areas for improvement. 

During an initial SEO audit, we were able to identify:

  • The existing content on the website was cannibalising other pages, which could be limiting organic results.
  • There were technical issues with the website.
  • We were trying to outrank huge giant websites to increase conversions, such as Amazon. 


After reviewing the challenges we were facing, we began by creating a keyword mapping file that assigns specific keywords to each page. This allowed us to identify which valuable phrases we would be targeting and which were the most suitable while also allowing us to straighten out any doubling up or cannibalisation that had previously occurred. 

By having this file, we are able to ensure that we get the most out of each page, attributing the most relevant keywords that have a strong search volume and are realistic in terms of competition. Moreover, the keyword mapping file ensures that when users come through to the page, they are able to find what they are looking for and, therefore, more likely to convert. 

With results in mind, we prioritised the immediate opportunities we could capture, such as optimising the title and meta tags on the website. By doing this, search engines are able to decipher what the content on your page is about, and therefore more likely to show your results first in the search engine. We did this for every key category page as well as the homepage to ensure that no opportunities were missed to improve Kuishi’s ranking. This is also a quick way to help straighten out any issues with content cannibalisation.

Subsequently, we then used the keyword mapping file to instruct and fuel our content creation calendar. To ensure we adhered to SEO best practice, we scheduled three pieces of content per month which were all keyword optimised to increase Kuishi’s position in the rankings and ultimately achieve their goal of improved SEO. 

In terms of eCommerce SEO, it was important that we addressed customer pain points (which contributed to the increase in conversion rate) and did not interrupt the placement of the products on the website. As such, the copy is written in ‘snippets’ so there are no huge chunks of text. We also prioritise the sales content above the fold and the informative content in the body of the page. 

We supported our content creation with high-quality backlink placements. Over the course of this period, these placements have improved domain authority and solidified the positions we had attained. 

Additionally, we worked with the team at Kuishi to improve the usability of the website, making recommendations such as upgrading the site speed, which means that the search engine may favour Kuishi’s website over those with a slower speed. 

The Results

Over a three month period, this is what we achieved with Kuishi