What Can Shopify Give You?

Shopify is one of the most scalable, flexible and feature-rich eCommerce platforms out there. It’s fast-growing, trusted by leading brands, and secure for buyers and sellers. Whether you’re an SME or household name, Shopify is an eCommerce go-to.

Your website needs to work hard for you, so you can work smarter and focus on scaling your business. Shopify gives you this. It allows you to sell online with innovative order and customer management features to keep your customers coming back. 

And with such a wealth of opportunities at hand, it makes sense to work with a Shopify agency that understands how to take your business to the next level. Even better, with a certified Shopify Partner, like us.


The initial stage is selecting your theme. There’s thousands of free and premium themes to choose from - and if you’re working with a Shopify agency like ours, you can take things further by customising these themes to be entirely bespoke to your brand.


Once your theme is selected you can start tweaking your storefront to represent your business exactly the way you like. Often this is where it pays to have an experienced developer, or, you guessed it, a Shopify development agency on hand to advise, design and deliver the look and feel you’re after, from small-scale optimisations to custom coding.


Whether you’re setting up Shopify for the first time, or revamping an existing site, integration with your marketing strategy is key. Plus, you need your new site to function exactly how your customers would expect. Because of its wealth of API and app integrations, you can add custom features and boost your user experience.

Why You Need A Shopify Agency Tailored To You

Shopify is completely tailored to support and scale brands of any size, offering the opportunity to compete in a vast and complex online marketplace with ease and efficiency. 

Think powerful multi-channel integrations, a network of developers constantly upgrading the platform, and an innovative dashboard management system for on-hands control of every aspect of the store.

Utilising a Shopify development agency, like The Good Marketer, means you have access not only to the vast features and benefits of Shopify but the expertise of experienced marketers who understand what it takes to sell more online. 

While your Shopify website is being built, or optimised, working with a Shopify agency means it will be designed with the best marketing practices in mind like Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO, and UX-functionality to create engaging, profitable websites. 

This gives you a leg up on the competition, driving awareness, visibility and those all-important sales.

Plus, if you’re already using Shopify, then as a qualified Shopify Partner our developers can work on existing themes to improve the functionality and user experience of your site, optimising for more conversions.

As a business owner, you need to focus on growth, sales, and customer service. You don’t need to be thinking about the latest API configurations on your site, creating new optimised landing pages or making website changes.

Partnering with a Shopify agency who can take care of this for you is the smart choice. It’s the choice that lets your business flourish, increasing your efficiency and leaving the development decisions to the professionals.

What Can Shopify Give You?

If you haven’t used Shopify before, you might be a little interested in just how good this ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ eCommerce platform is. Well, read on:

Flexible & Scalable

Shopify is the best place to start increasing audience sizes and maximising sales. It offers free website themes for start-ups and facilitates custom user journeys and themes for brands with expert teams.

Multi-Channel Selling

You can create an integrated marketing strategy using Shopify, with the option to sell on Facebook, eBay, Amazon and Instagram easily. Or, you could get an expert Shopify agency to build this for you...

Always In Control

As well as having access to thousands of trusted third-party apps, the user-friendly back end of Shopify gives merchants in-depth management capabilities - from changing the look of the storefront to accessing detailed sales reports.

Our Shopify Agency Portfolio

Why Choose Us As Your Shopify Development Agency?

While Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms out there, it also, quite often, requires experts to develop and optimise it to properly utilise its more advanced features. 

As an experienced Shopify agency in London, we know what it takes to deliver profitable eCommerce websites. We work with ambitious brands, the ones who want to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise of the hum-drum of competition. 

We combine our in-house creatives’ spark of genuine creativity with our expertise in delivering results-driven marketing strategies. For eCommerce solutions that give your customers the best experience possible, boosting your bottom-line and delivering Return on Investment.

It’s our mission to identify, design and deliver websites that engage your audience, run smoothly and deliver your highest results yet.

How We Deliver Results

We don’t just give you a shiny new website and let you get on with it, either; we work continually with you to test, tweak and amend your site so that it works exactly how you want.


Building authentic connections between brands and customers starts with understanding what your audience wants. 

Our innovative in-house team of experts meticulously study your brand as well as the wider industry to create a Shopify website completely tailored to your KPIs, the competitor landscape and your unique brand. 

Not only this, we’ll carry out in-depth competitor analysis and the most up to date industry best practices to ensure your website offers maximum impact with optimal functionality.


As an experienced Shopify agency in London, we identify and undertake the building of your website. This includes wireframing, layouts and UX-focused design to build a seamless, customer-focused website to help you achieve your goals. 

We can create custom pages from the sections available to us, whether you’ve got a pre-built theme or a custom-made one. I.e, if you want a dynamic ‘About Us’ page to create genuine connections with your customers, then we can build this from the pre-built structures and ensure continuity across the site.

We also identify the best internal page structure and top navigation for you to maximise conversions and smooth out your customer journey, whether that’s building a new menu structure or optimising your existing site.


As a performance-focused Shopify agency, we focus on maximising your profits and attracting those new customers to grow your brand. Once your site is live we continually work to improve its impact, optimising from a technical and creative standpoint.

Whether that’s providing CRO suggestions based on A/B testing, creative copy refreshes to ensure that your site stays relevant, or implementing technical recommendations and resolving naturally occurring issues. 

We’ll also ensure that our developers play an active role in suggesting improvements using the latest Shopify features, to consistently improve your UX.