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Increase in overall revenue compared to the previous period.

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Increase in average order value across a 3 month period.

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Average cost per click across Google advertising.

The Challenge

Founded in 2021, Artah is a premium supplement brand focusing on empowering everyone to experience life in their best health. With a strong emphasis on creating products backed by science, Artah is looking to become one of the leading global nutritional supplement brands. 

When they approached us, Artah wanted to work with an agency that was creative but could also guide them as they lacked the dedicated expertise in-house. 

Their previous agency hadn’t been able to get them a strong enough performance, and therefore, they struggled to scale. With that in mind, Artah was keen to find an innovative and robust marketing agency with a different approach to scaling the brand.


    Facebook Advertising 

    Having previously worked with a supplement brand across Facebook and PPC, we had experience running paid advertising campaigns in this industry. Using these insights, we developed a multi-channel marketing strategy for Artah, to build brand awareness and scale revenue for the business.

    Before we began advertising on Facebook, we developed a bespoke advertising strategy, including targeting, budget, copy and visual content. Within this process, we worked with Artah to refine the brand tone of voice as well as the most effective content we could use from their selection of imagery.

    Initially, we weren’t sure if performance would be stronger if ads were run on a continuous basis or with a campaign-led approach running for limited intervals. To test for the best outcome, we decided to begin with ‘always on’ ads and go on to run time-limited campaigns.

    We began by targeting relevant interests for the cold audience, such as Vegan/Health Interests, Vegetarian Cuisine and relevant brand interests such as Holland & Barrett. We used the data from these campaigns to begin to refine our audience targeting by removing audiences that weren’t high-performing. 

    In terms of creative, we worked with Artah to develop a variety of content and then tested for best performance. Having previously relied on static imagery, we encouraged the client to explore the possibilities of video content such as UGC and educational videos. This strategy paid off, with comparison images and video content about product science from the founder proving to be the highest converting content. 

    Armed with these learnings, we were then able to implement warm and hot campaigns that retargeted website visitors and social media engagers. Our remarketing hot campaign was the highest performing – with customers on average returning to make a purchase at least four times, spending an average of £200 over their customer lifetime. This meant that we could afford to acquire new customers at a 2.54 direct ROAS.

    The lifetime value of the customer was important as through data provided to us we knew customers would come back and purchase at least 4 times spending on average £200 therefore, we could afford to acquire a customer

    As part of our campaign management, we also did Conversion Rate Optimisation. This involved testing different offers and identifying that the biggest barrier to purchase was their delivery cost which we then worked with the client to reduce.

    We then went on to leverage Facebook ads to generate email subscribers by enticing users with nutritional recipes. These newly acquired subscribers were then put into a Klaviyo funnel and on average took around 2 months to convert. 

    Throughout this process, all our insights and learnings were communicated to Artah’s team on a fortnightly basis. These conversations allowed us to create a collaborative partnership through which we work together to achieve Artah’s business goals.

    Google Advertising 

    When we initially began Google advertising for Artah, we started off by implementing a Search Campaign targeting relevant keywords. Following the limited success of this initial campaign, we identified that the Search Campaign was gathering people who were too early on in their customer journey and therefore wasn’t driving sales. 

    To improve performance, we adapted our approach and launched a new Search Campaign which focused on specific ingredient-led search terms, such as “ashwagandha supplements”. We have since refined this even further and found “electrolyte supplements” to be the highest-performing keyword with a 5% conversion rate.

    Following the development of our Google Search Campaign, we launched a Smart Google Shopping Campaign. Once the campaign was live, we optimised product titles through Shoptimised to ensure they were relevant. This campaign is now converting at a 3.35% conversion rate and delivering a CPA of below £33. 

    We later converted this campaign into a Performance Max Campaign that could utilise Google’s automation technology to run ads across multiple placements using dynamic ad formats. To optimise performance, we regularly updated the asset groups to reflect our campaign’s messaging for key events such as Black Friday. 

    Having tested multiple campaign types, we ultimately found that combining Performance Max with a Brand Search campaign drove the best results. While Performance Max served only to bring in new audiences, the Brand Search campaign served to separate out these types of customers into targeted ad groups. 

    The Results

    Over the period of advertising, we were able to: