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Using AI for Marketing Success: Levelling Up Your Content Game

Artificial intelligence (AI) in many industries is a big hot topic of discussion; it is being used for various mediums such as art creation, marketing content, and, on the slightly more controversial side – academic writing.

As AI develops, more businesses seek to implement it into content creation and copywriting using AI tools such as ChatGPT and Jasper. This has led many people within the industry to question whether artificial intelligence will take over writers’ jobs. In short, the answer is no, as AI content will still require the human element to write its prompts, proofread and fact-check the content being produced, as the information provided sometimes needs to be updated. For example, ChatGPT-3.5 was programmed to provide information dated until 2022. However, if you are to use ChatGPT-4, real time data is available when you choose the ‘browse with Bing option’.

However, the silver lining of AI is that users can churn out content, no matter how big or small, in seconds. As well as being able to reach a large audience, boost creativity and write from more defined perspectives. By considering all the above and taking the time to train yourself to use AI correctly, you can give your content strategy that extra edge by adding it to your writing arsenal.

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency or freelancing writer, discover how to use AI for your content strategy.

How to Use AI for Content Marketing

While many content marketers have been using AI to experiment or in their daily work. AI is used for creative work such as:

To generate content ideas

Generating ideas can sometimes be the most tedious part of content creation, as there is a constant struggle to compete and develop exciting ideas. When experiencing creator’s block, consider using AI tools to help generate new ideas – on-site content, social media posts or even PR content.

Writing first drafts

When you have your content ideas and outline in hand, knowing what to write and how to write it can sometimes be difficult when experiencing writer’s block. AI tools like ChatGPT or other AI text generators such as Jasper or Writesonic can help give that push by generating a first draft.

Depending on your prompt, you can complete long-form or short-form articles. However, you must avoid using this first draft as your final piece, as every company and marketer has their own tone of voice. Therefore, it must be edited to read and sound like human-written content. While AI tools are regularly being updated, they still lack emotional intelligence, creativity and purpose.

Speeds up Content Research Process

Whether you’re creating a data report for PR or gathering accurate information for a content piece, navigating through the internet can be both tedious and time-consuming. By using AI, you can collect information, analyse and implement it. While this may reduce research time, it is important that you only take the data provided with a pinch of salt and do a background check to see how reliable, relevant and accurate it is.

Keyword Research & Clustering

Keyword research can flesh out your content strategy plan by brainstorming keywords relating to your topic. AI tools can speed up the process by generating a list of relevant keywords and categorising them accordingly.

Edit, Proofread and Plagiarism Check

AI content editing tools like Grammarly and NotionAI can be valuable to all writers as they give a second pair of eyes to check for grammar mistakes, typos and incoherent phrasing. It can also amend your content to follow the right tone of voice and style. If you have used AI, be aware that some prompts are used, and the answers will be given from existing content on the internet. Therefore, you must use a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is authentic, using apps such as Grammarly.

Is AI Content Good for SEO?

In some aspects, AI-generated content can have a negative impact on your SEO if you publish it without editing or fact-checking. This is because Google penalises content that is keyword stuffing and visibly produced to have high search results without thinking about its value to the reader.

How to Check Content for AI?

Have you ever read a piece of content and thought that it doesn’t read well or the information seems inaccurate? If so, it has most likely been written by AI. While there are AI detection software, here are a few ways to detect AI content without using technology:

  • Incorrect & outdated information
  • Invented data
  • Lack of depth & personality
  • Repetitive language

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