The Challenge

This business was created over the first wave of the pandemic with the initial aim to fundraise for frontline workers. The founder, Rachel, brought together creators and presented a handmade product – colourful phone wristlets and crossbody straps in a few months.

The Good Marketer had already developed a strong partnership with the business in 2021 when we were approached to optimise and scale their social marketing campaigns. Following the success of this, it became clear that the website needed to match the quality of the marketing materials that we ourselves and the brand itself was developing.

We undertook the challenge of rebuilding the business’s current website, working alongside a third party branding and design team to create a cohesive, strongly-branded website that represented the progress the brand had made. We wanted to do this without compromising the performance of their social marketing, and without impacting the high level of sales that were being driven. This case study shows how we were able to achieve this.

The Solution

During this process, the branding and design was managed by a third party provider, however The Good Marketer were entirely responsible for ensuring that the design of the site incorporated all the key elements an optimised eCommerce site needs. So we put together a comprehensive document highlighting all the features that this site would need. Here we were able to showcase the importance of these key elements, and ensure that the design was rooted in functionality, UX best practices and interactiveness.

Our focus was ensuring that the business had a truly optimised site, providing top quality experience for all their customers. We suggested improvements to be made to many of the existing pages, highlighting the need for critical EAT pages like FAQs, Reviews and Testimonials to boost social proof, an About Us page which allows users to get to know the brand, and behind the scenes content to incorporate the brand’s personality through copy or videos.

We also suggested that there were critical UX factors missing such as a Customer Login option, payment options to widen their audience into new markets that may have been discouraged by the price-point of the products, additional product information including the materials, delivery and shipping of products to reduce barriers to purchase.

Considering the increased functionality that our optimised site was aiming for, it was clear that though they were already hosted on Shopify the existing site was not offering the level of functionality required to boost UX to the level that we wanted.

Structurally, we wanted to include a wishlist to allow a higher level of customer-brand interaction before purchases were made, and a product filter to simplify the customer journey from consideration to purchase. Collection pages were also suggested, to not only improve the quality of the organic listings on site, but as a chance to maximise SEO opportunities and customer experience itself while on-site.

It was vital to us that the business’s new site incorporated these elements to be a well-rounded, optimised site that offered a clean, intuitive but visually pleasing site for customers. Given that the brand has a reputation for being used and loved by A-list influencers around the world, it was critical that their site matched up to the calibre of the name they’d made for themselves.

Throughout the process we ensured that all communication was streamlined by using a project tracker. This ensured that all involved parties were up to date with amendments, approvals and progress updates at each stage of the build.

We also encouraged the business to incorporate customer reviews, in order to highlight these on the homepages and product pages to leverage social proof. This also would allow us to use these testimonials as part of their social media marketing, generating interest with positive word of mouth.
We drove the integration of their Instagram feed to showcase their influencer content from the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, which are incredibly marketable names for the brand to be associated with. It was important to us that we demonstrated the ‘must-have’ quality that the brand has, and to generate a senses of urgency within customers – by using fascination with celebrity-culture to boost sales and make the business even more successful.

Email popups were also added to encourage new users to sign up to the brand’s newsletter, which supported the already successful email marketing efforts with the intention of scaling this into an even higher-earning revenue stream. We redesigned all of the brand’s email marketing automations and moved them over to Klaviyo, to provide improved segmentation opportunities and personalisation as their email list grew.

By incorporating these functional but social-proof based elements to the site, we were able to push forward for a design that was seated in fulfilling customer needs, removing barriers to purchase and providing user-friendly experiences.

By expanding the structure of the website’s design to incorporate collection pages to offer customers a more intuitive experience and EAT pages to leverage social proof, this also provided ample opportunity to incorporate SEO efforts without compromising the overall clean functionality and UX.

Therefore, we provided the brand with detailed content briefs for their previously chosen copywriter, in order to ensure that the new content was supported with relevant, in-market keywords that would help drive more organic traffic to the new site. It also allowed us to ensure that the structural optimisation we had pushed for was maximised where possible with engaging copy driven by market insights to drive customers along the conversion journey.


The end result is a strongly optimised site that offers;

  • Clear navigation.
  • Multiple touchpoints for customer interaction with the brands personality.
  • A much higher level of functionality to provide a more satisfying.
  • Fulfilling customer experience that drives relevant users towards a purchase.
  • Supports the business’s flourishing social media marketing.