ROAS from Facebook Advertising.


Impressions over a period of 6 months.

£ 1

In sales directly from Digital Advertising.

The Challenge

String Ting is an eCommerce business created over the first wave of the pandemic with the initial aim to fundraise for frontline workers. The founder, Rachel, brought together creators and presented a handmade product – colourful phone wristlets and crossbody straps in a few months. 

In 2021, String Ting approached The Good Marketer to grow its sales by improving its marketing strategy across Paid Social Media and PPC. During our initial analysis, we were able to identify critical areas for improvement, immediately plugging gaps in their marketing strategy to improve the efficiency and impact of their campaigns.

The initial challenges we identified were:

  • They weren’t leveraging Facebook/Instagram Ads and were very much reliant on organic social and influencers that were successful but unpredictable. 
  • They had a bad experience with another agency and were a little bit wary. 
  • They wanted to explore digital ads as a whole but weren’t sure where to start and lacked expertise in-house.


Our main challenge was String Ting being heavily featured on influencers and reliant on organic social media to drive sales. Our goal was to continue to grow sales in the US before expanding to the UK. It was decided that using Facebook/Instagram advertising was the best way to reach this goal.

We started with a simple full-funnel strategy and targeted cold, warm and hot audiences. The audiences we targeted at the top of the funnel were interests like Coachella, celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and then mobile phone accessories. The ads we put together were very influencer heavy, but the brand was keen not to exploit their partnerships too much, so we generally used micro-influencers.

Initially, we focused on static images and carousel ads which highlighted the uniqueness of the products. We saw great success and we regularly updated and managed the Facebook ad campaigns. By refining current marketing strategies, we identified a tighter pool of more relevant Facebook users who would be interested in our ads.

In the initial 28 days of the ads launching, the campaigns reached 59,537 people, resulting in 39 conversions with a 2.99 ROAS. We were up against the challenge of a changing landscape as the world recovered from COVID. Nonetheless, we consistently delivered monthly improvements in performance, with the total ROAS reaching a high of 5.45 in April 2021.

As we continued to increase the performance of our campaigns, we began to recognise the increasing competition in the industry, which meant we needed to stay ahead of the game constantly. To achieve this, String Ting employed our web development services to redevelop their Shopify site, which resulted in a sleek new look with improved functionality and user experience.

Unfortunately, like many advertisers, String Ting was negatively impacted by the IOS14 update. However, in line with best practice, we switched the focus of our reporting to eROAS, which gave us a better indication of the value Facebook/Instagram ads drove. We also placed a stronger emphasis on our Warm Retargeting campaigns which drove 32 purchases and a ROAS of 5.21 in September 2021.  

As a result of our continued management and optimisations, String Ting has continued to go from strength to strength and now regularly features on the wrists of it-girls like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and others around the world.

The Results

Over the last 8 months of our partnership, we achieved: