About The Brand

The House Outfit is an e-commerce brand selling contemporary wall prints, frames and home accessories. All their products are exclusive to the brand which, especially in terms of prints, makes them unique. 

The Solution

Over just 2 weeks we were able to give The House Outfit’s website a complete refresh. 

We wanted the design to have a boutique feel so we implemented a new Shopify theme to accommodate this whilst improving user experience. Given that the brand and the website itself is extremely image-focused, ensuring that the website remained true-to-brand and highly functional was a challenge. 

Throughout the build, performance remained a top priority. As such, additional functionality elements were custom coded giving users a vastly improved on-site experience including the ability to seamlessly add frames to their prints on the product page.

Although the basis of the website refresh was achieved with an update to the Shopify theme, this project required a lot of heavy customisation which the theme did not offer to ensure that the site was on-brand and highly functional. 

We also introduced new content sections to the website with information banners added above and below the fold on all custom collection pages. The inclusion of optimised content created space for us to harness new opportunities for SEO as well as create a filter to improve the conversion rate.

To ensure that we were able to harness the immediate benefits of these SEO opportunities, we optimised all the product pages, including the page titles and meta descriptions with relevant keywords and implemented internal linking across all the pages to increase user experience. 

We were able to create a boutique-style site with an exceptional user experience that showcases their products in a sleek manner.


As a result of our website redevelopment, The House Outfit now has a website representative of their position in the market as an affordable, luxury online art print store. 

We implemented a new Shopify theme which created a sleek, boutique-style website, allowing for an improved user experience. 

Additionally, we utilised custom coding to increase the functionality of the site and boost average order values. This means The House Outfit now have a strong foundation from which they can continue to drive traffic from Google Ads and Facebook Ads.