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Increase in website visitors.

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Increase in sales in less than 6 months.

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Increase in the Website Conversion Rate.

The Challenge

The Camouflage Company is owned and operated by a sister-duo who provide unique, stylish storage solutions for the home and garden. With a strong, British-based brand and values of efficiency and versatility at the centre, it was important to The Camouflage Company that they worked with an agency that shared these attitudes and could reflect this in their marketing.

When The Camouflage company began working with The Good Marketer, their goals were to increase their own online presence and diversify away from QVC, where they had been regular presenters for over 10 years.

The goal for The Good Marketer was to establish The Camouflage Company as a brand in their own right, minimising reliance on third-party platforms. The first, critical challenge was to grow organic and paid search sales in order to directly connect consumers with The Camouflage Company’s solutions. 

During our initial assessment we recognised several key areas for improvement:


In order to overcome the challenges that we identified, we initially began to work on their SEO strategy by optimising the website content and the range of products that were listed in order to improve the organic reach of the website. Conducting in-depth keyword analysis fed the implementation of optimised content for the range of products available, including their descriptions, titles and metadata to improve the impressions for these products. This also bolstered the overall relevance of the website for the queries potential customers were searching for. 

For Facebook advertising, we introduced new audiences and new campaigns, employing another platform to connect with customers and benefit from independent revenue streams:

  • Interest-Based Campaigns – people who were interested in Storage / Home improvements.
  • Engagement Campaigns – people who have engaged with the Facebook Page and Instagram Page.
  • Remarketing Campaigns –  people who had visited the website in the last 90 days but not purchased.
  • Lookalike Campaigns – people who were a lookalike of people who have previously purchased.

The optimised presence on Facebook and the targeted approach to reaching new audiences is designed to achieve a specific action, in this case, improving The Camouflage Company’s brand awareness and visibility and improving traffic on their owned platform. 

Google Shopping was another channel identified as beneficial to the campaign. This is because customers do not need to be familiar with a brand in order to click on their shopping link at the top of SERPs. This was implemented to drive traffic and conversions directly through the online platform. 

Meanwhile, we introduced a Paid Search Campaign on Google. A challenge that emerged was that generic search terms such as ‘storage’ brought up irrelevant results for self-storage outside of the home. To effectively target traffic that would be valuable, we conducted thorough keyword research and implemented campaigns around transactional, relevant key terms. Refining the Paid Search campaigns to meet a more defined search intent continued to drive users to the website, increasing the reach of the brand, and improving qualified traffic. 

Moreover, we also introduced regular ad copy updates to take advantage of any offers that were running. We utilised ad extensions, improving their quality score and optimising the campaigns to boost the performance in line with the targets identified at the beginning of the campaign. 

Our Approach To The Campaign

By introducing an integrated marketing campaign, we were able to deliver results from key avenues including Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook Advertising and SEO. Bolstering The Camouflage Company’s overall visibility across all arms of digital, achieved their desire to stand alone as a direct channel. There has been an overall increase in website sales, increasing by 178% since the beginning of our working partnership. 

Refining audience profiles and mapping them onto transactional keywords is crucial to the success of this strategy. Continuing to finetune the campaigns, publish useful, on-topic content and regularly re-analysing traffic, behavioural paths and user interactions will propel results, build a recognisable brand and ultimately achieve more loyal customers and even more direct searches and conversions. 

The Results

Since working with The Camouflage Company we have:


“Tom opened up a whole new world of transparent marketing for our company. Every marketing company we have worked with said this is what we do, take it or leave it. Tom explained everything, nothing went out without us ok’ing it, he was in contact with us every step of the way. Cannot recommend Tom highly enough. He tripled our sales!!”

Louise Unger, The Camouflage Company