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Achieved a 71% decrease in the CPC, bringing it to just £5.03.

£ 5000

Generated revenue of £10,154 from 28 purchases through Paid Search & Social. 

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Generated a 11.5% average Conversion Rate across all campaigns. 

The Challenge

Swimming Nature is the UK’s most popular private swimming tuition provider, with a unique approach to teaching swimming. Unlike regimented swimming lessons taught in most leisure centres, Swimming Nature takes a natural, relaxed and fun approach to their lessons, which produce significant results. 

Initially, the client outlined their challenges with ensuring that their campaigns were targeting the unique locations specific to the areas where their partner swimming pools were located. They wanted to implement more granular campaigns that delivered a high number of conversions from valuable and qualified users. 

Swimming Nature also found that they were losing a lot of leads to competitors, and needed to generate campaigns that improved and retained the rate of conversions for these customers. 

  • Campaigns needed to be broken down into specific locations.
  • More granular campaigns were needed to improve lead quality.
  • Losing leads to competitors.
  • Lack of retargeting for customers who were close to converting.
Swimming Nature on Mac


We laid out an integrated strategy to address the initial challenges that Swimming Nature was facing. We started work on Paid Search and Paid Social channels for this client, with SEO elements to improve CRO on the existing website, which did not currently have a lead form for interested customers to request more information. 

For the Paid Search campaigns, we conducted keyword research which focused on the key age groups to target such as babies, toddlers, older children and adults. This also focused on key locations like Hammersmith, Edinburgh and Bath to create location-specific campaigns to boost the value of our leads.

Our Paid Search campaigns launched in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic started, which unfortunately put our PPC Advertising on hold until August. Despite this, we drove 294 conversions during the time that these campaigns were running, which minimised the effects of the pandemic on Swimming Nature. 

To allow for proper tracking, improved relevancy and greater control, we implemented new landing pages for both Facebook and Google. We also set up Facebook Pixel and Google tracking, which were conversion rate optimised and closely promoted the authentic voice of the client. 

Our Facebook targeting was granular due to the exact locations of the swimming pools, so we were able to set up uniquely targeted campaigns which worked on a full-funnel approach and captured a wide audience with relevant locations and interests, recapturing these audiences further down the conversion funnel with remarketing ads. 

Creating quality social content for Swimming Nature was also key in establishing brand awareness during the busy months, as well as maintaining relationships during the time when swimming schools were closed due to COVID-19. 

During these campaigns, we ensured sensitivity to the targeted audiences in our copy on social channels, for example with regards to having children in public places. Awareness and acknowledgement of the restrictions during the pandemic were present in all posts and blog content, not only for the safety of online users but for the reputation of the business.  

It was also crucial that our campaigns were flexible and could adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that COVID-19 presented. This meant changing the goals of the campaigns from conversions to brand-awareness, which prompted the creation of engaging social content to maintain visibility online. Focusing on the messaging portrayed within blogs on the website and posts on the social media pages meant that the client was held in positive regard by online users, improving the chances of conversion outside of the pandemic. 

The Results

Since working with Swimming Nature, we have: