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CTR improved by 50% while CPC remained the same.

Achieved an average ROAS of 4.02.


Reduced the CPA by 16% by Month 3.

The Challenge

Shuropody approached us in the summer of 2020 hoping to refine their digital marketing efforts to create profitable and effective adverts online. Using paid channels, the client wanted to drive more traffic to the website and see an increase in conversions, as well as identify which were the most successful products at any given time.

We knew the steps we needed to take to get the account setup and ready for Shuropody to take this back in-house at the end of the initial 3 month period. However, over the initial period, it became clear that we would have to gather data about consumer behaviour when on the website, and adjust our campaigns accordingly.

We also identified:

  • The use of keywords was limited within existing campaigns, ultimately restricting the data that could come through the account and impacting CTR.
  • There was a lack of focus on ROAS, therefore overspending was common.
  • Data wasn’t being used to fuel optimisations, bids and strategy.


Shuropopdy offers quality orthopedic footwear in a wide range of styles available to shop online, as well as over 100 in-store podiatry clinics to provide quality customer service and address each individual’s concerns with their products and advice.

They are the UK’s largest private provider of podiatry clinics who host a team of experts and offer a range of services to aid for pain relief and other issues.

Initially, we began by looking at the existing campaigns that Shuropody had been running to see how we could improve them. One of the most important factors that we noticed was the lack of keywords, and low quality broad keywords, which meant that the client was overspending and not seeing the right results.

Taking this into account, we expanded the keyword coverage on the client’s most successful products, which meant that money was being spent on the keywords most likely to result in conversions, as opposed to the less-focused and more-generic keywords being used before. Additionally, we investigated which long tail keywords would be beneficial to our campaigns, as these are also low cost while still attracting the right audience.

Following these implementations, the click through rate shot up by 61%, whilst our cost per click saw a decrease of 68%. Ultimately, this drove more traffic to the website where they might convert, and made the website more visible to users.

In order to monitor spending on the ads, we implemented a minimum target ROAS of 4, to ensure that the client maintained a substantial profit for their investment. After the first month, we had gained enough data from our conversion campaign to allow us to put in place bidding strategies that could improve these results further. This saw the highest ROAS so far for the client, hitting 5.24 after several weeks. We continually monitored this number throughout the initial period, and dialled up/down spending as necessary for us to achieve the target ROAS.

During the initial period, we saw vast improvements in impression share, initially shooting up by 1721% following the addition of the appropriate keywords, but we wanted to control this so that the client could truly benefit from it.

By manually optimising the campaigns in order to leverage a higher impression share over the top converting items, we were able to direct the traffic to the place where they would be most likely to make a purchase, and gain an understanding of why not if they didn’t.

The Good Marketer worked with Shuropody on a 3-month campaign to get things in line and compliant with best practice, ready for their in-house team to take over.

The Results

Over a three month period, this is what we achieved with Shuropody: