£ 0 K

Overall revenue generated through social media.


Achieved an overall ROAS of 4.62 across social media platforms. 


Gained 766 sales from Facebook Ads alone, with a cost per click of £0.31.

The Challenge

Proline Skates is a family-owned and operated eCommerce business founded in 1988 that provides top-line skating equipment for children and adults. Because customer service, transparency, and affordability are at the centre of their services, it was important for Proline Skates to work with an agency that understood these values.

Over the last two years that we have worked successfully with Proline Skates, we have introduced profitable, efficient Facebook Marketing campaigns as a new channel to drive more sales and increase visibility, as well as implementing highly successful remarketing campaigns to drive loyalty and reduce customer drop off.

We have built the success of our marketing strategy with Proline Skates during COVID-19, which required a great deal of proactive management and flexibility, to ensure we capitalised on all opportunities as they arose and achieved a positive ROAS. 

During the last 6 months, we identified new opportunities as customer behaviours changed again:

  • A need to expand our top of the funnel targeting to constantly feed our high-performing retargeting campaigns with new, relevant traffic.
  • Conversion campaigns that were delivering results, but scope to scale the traffic being directed to the website in order to increase visibility as competition increased.
  • Key sales periods to be capitalised on during Q4 and the need for improved strategies to maximise existing performance and maintain our
    competitive market share.


Building upon the solid foundational work that we have achieved with Proline Skates since we began our partnership two years ago, in order to capitalise on new opportunities and changing customer landscapes we decided to focus on improving and expanding the flow of customers through our full-funnel marketing strategy. 

To do this, and support the already high-performing interest audiences we had, we set up a new traffic campaign towards the end of 2021 in November. While the existing top of the funnel campaigns were driving an average ROAS of 2.4, we wanted to improve upon this.

The goal of this campaign was to deliver high quantities of interested traffic to increase our market share while maintaining current performance, and to further build on the retargeting opportunities considering the valuable results that these have been consistently delivering. 

This new traffic campaign has generated 5638 landing page views over the last 6 months, equating to around 16p per view, which is an incredibly low cost per result. It also drove a ROAS of 2.61 which was impressive considering that this was not the primary KPI.

In order to also build upon our competitive position in the market, and maximise our performance during the key sales of Q4, we aimed to quickly but effectively scale up our spend for the Black Friday and Christmas periods.

We did this by creating a campaign which contained the historically top-performing ad sets, which were no longer active. This was a combination of high-value interest ad sets and also Lookalike ad sets of brand engagers. Because of our understanding of the market, and Proline Skates as a brand, we were able to drive highly profitable campaigns in a short amount of time during this critical eCommerce period, efficiently driving a 2.74 ROAS. This was higher than the average top of the funnel conversion that we had been achieving, which suggested that our use of previously top-performing ad sets combined with the high-intent sales period was a strategically beneficial decision, highlighting the market understanding we have garnered during this long-term relationship with Proline Skates.

As our middle and bottom of the funnel campaigns were already delivering profitable results, we wanted to fill our funnel with fresh, relevant traffic to ensure that we maintained the consistent performance of these campaigns, considering they have been the most valuable for Proline Skates.

We therefore tested new top of the funnel interest ad sets in order to set up a constant flow of traffic through to the website, and fill the funnel with more retargeting opportunities. Our new interest ad groups have included: parents, outdoor interests, roller skate and skateboard related interests. By regularly testing these we have been able to single out the highest-performing, refining our spend while simultaneously remaining competitive in the market with high visibility. 

This horizontal expansion has not only increased our brand awareness, broadening our visibility for in-market audiences, but the influx of relevant traffic has built out our retargeting campaigns so that they’re constantly delivering low CPLs and high returns.

While we have raised our spending in this area due to its high performance, we have been mindful of reducing the likelihood of ad fatigue. Considering that we had seen a 7.30% increase of this in the warm campaign compared to the previous 6 months, this was an important consideration to ensure that our bottom of the funnel campaigns lost none of their effectiveness during our scaling.

The Results

During the last 6 months working with Proline Skates, we have managed to:

Over the last 12 months working closely with Proline Skates we have: