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The Challenge

My Gym Wardrobe is an e-commerce store that offers cutting edge women’s activewear from around the world. They thrive in delivering over 25 exclusive brands that allow all women to perform well and feel fantastic whatever their activity.

As a result of previously working with a different digital marketing agency, My Gym Wardrobe were unable to deliver unique and customer-centric content, which affected their ability to generate consistent ROAS.

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified two key challenges:


My Gym Wardrobe were eager to work with an agency that could efficiently and consistently deliver the results they longed for, whilst also becoming heavily invested in their vision and goals. Adapting an extremely personal and transparent approach, The Good Marketer created a sense of individuality for My Gym Wardrobe, meaning they no longer felt like just another number on a page. 

To address the challenges we identified, we held a research and planning meeting with the founder of My Gym Wardrobe who was able to share with us her thoughts on the issues which allowed us to put together a comprehensive plan of action. 

As part of this plan of action, we organised regular meetings to discuss new ideas internally and with the client. In addition to this, we routinely introduced new creative on Facebook & Google – pushing the key values of the brand without relying on a discount that is appealing to the customer. 

The campaigns we created centred around hero content to remain relevant and befitting of the time. For example, during the COVID-19 lockdown, we understood that not only was this a challenging time for a wide variety of people in different situations, but that many people who were able to shop online, were going to be driven by the idea of working out at home. 

By implementing dynamic and creative ad copy that was relevant to the current climate, we saw huge shifts in the performance of these campaigns. Not only did the number of total sales rise by 241%, but we also achieved a 203% increase in the number of sales attributed to marketing.

Whilst this is an anomaly with regards to eCommerce performance, our proactive approach has meant we’ve driven a 6.60 Facebook ROAS over  12 months. In one month alone, we drove a ROAS of 8.72.

Last but not least, The Good Marketer implemented and managed Dynamic Remarketing on Google alongside our regular Search Campaigns, giving My Gym Wardrobe another opportunity to reach those potential customers that showed initial interest, increasing the total revenue for the brand

We even went a step further and implemented a Generic Sportswear campaign, to capture the high search volume keywords relating to women’s sportswear, activewear and gymwear. This filled the gaps in the PPC strategy by focusing on general keywords not relating to particular brands, in order to drive brand awareness and increase conversions.

Within a 6 month period, we were reaching a broad audience and receiving a lot of traffic and high CTRs onto the site. However, we noticed that a portion of this traffic were users looking for lower price sportswear – which did not align as closely to our desired audience demographics. Our consistent keyword maintenance ensured that the relevance of our ads was high, but the broader terms like ‘women’s sportswear’ needed to be refined in order to attract more in-market audiences.

To combat this we amended our keyword strategy to target longer tail keywords involving terms like ‘luxury’, ‘premium’ and ‘designer’, to improve the conversion rate of the Generic ad groups. This helped improve CTR for Generic Sportswear Ad Group by +19% with 5.3% and in particular, one of the bestselling brands PE Nation saw an improved CTR of +84% at 6.34%. Within the following 6 month period, ad engagement has increased dramatically, with an overall jump in CTR of 12% compared to the previous period. This suggests that our change in keyword strategy, alongside refreshed ad copy, has improved our relevance to our desired audiences.

As a result of a slight decline in non-brand based campaigns, such as particular brands that had been performing well as a result of COVID, we changed our campaign structure to utilise the small budgets and maximise conversion potential. This was done by creating a Bestsellers brand campaign which combined the previously separate bestselling brands; and a campaign targeting the remaining brands which were converting but not as highly.

This has helped improve ROAS significantly, with an overall 5.57 ROAS for the Bestsellers campaign in the last 6 months. With the growing success of the account, we have scaled our campaigns to target more audiences, and seen a 140% increase in CTR for our Bestsellers campaign in particular. Similarly, our Smart Shopping campaign has driven a strong ROAS of 4.94 in the last 6 months, following our constant optimisations.


The Results

Since working with My Gym Wardrobe, we have:


” Tom’s passion for giving a holistic approach is a breath of fresh air. His ideas are always relevant, accountable and on brand and I trust him to get on with things. He always executes campaigns with a great eye for detail and you can tell he genuinely loves his job. We’ve been working together for over 5 months and we have seen a good increase in our ROAS. My Gym Wardrobe is looking forward to growing with The Good Marketer, I would certainly recommend working with them. “

Jenny Squires, My Gym Wardrobe