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Average ROAS from Facebook/Instagram Advertising.

1 .00

Average cost per result across all of our advertising campaign.

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Drove 116% more Purchases from Top of the Funnel US campaigns.

The Challenge

Kavee cages is a small business that sells unique and quirky rabbit and guinea pigs lines and accessories. The business noticed a gap in the market, cages normally have sawdust cages and get messy however the business decided to use liners and make it reusable and have been very successful since.

The main challenge during this time was experienced by the client themselves, with regards to suppliers having issues getting the products into the country, such that they had to stop advertising for a while until stocks were replenished. 

This gave us a key period of time in order to build an understanding of who their in-market audiences were and research suitable new audiences in order to expand the reach and visibility of Kavee Cages. To drive Top of Funnel traffic, we conducted audience research and created audiences which targeted specific pet interests who had never heard of Kavee Cages before.


When we began working with Kavee Cages they already had existing campaigns that were running, which covered the UK, US, France and Germany. We started by focusing on UK and US campaigns due to having more demand in these territories. We launched a new audience segmentation strategy which enabled us to find winning audiences. Putting us in a better position to grow the account and scale the budget.

Our strategy consisted of writing Top of the Funnel copy for the ad sets already existing in the UK and US campaigns, and for the new audiences that we were going to set up. This focused on highlighting the USPs of Kavee Cages as a provider of bespoke, customisable cages designed to offer high-quality but well being-conscious spaces for guinea pigs and rabbits. 

Initially, before the client had to pause their advertising due to supplier issues, we created a Full-Funnel approach, using Top, Middle and Bottom of the Funnel copy in order to proactively target cold users who haven’t heard of the brand before with relevant interests; social page engagers; and website visitors. 

We targeted Lookalikes of Past Purchasers for the US campaign as this was previously not being capitalised on, and we also expanded the UK Top of the Funnel audience to include those with relevant interests in Rabbits in order to reach in-market pet owners as a new audience, the increased reach resulted in a 70% increase in purchases and 60% increase in revenue. 

It was decided to expand the Brand Interest Top of the Funnel ad groups to incorporate relevant pet brands from the UK and US where appropriate, increasing the competitiveness of Kavee’s ads in line with their most direct competitors.

We also identified through creative analysis that the best-performing ad creative was lifestyle shoots, so we ensured that all our engaging social copy was supported with the creative most likely to convert. In doing so, and capitalising on previously untargeted, broad Top of the Funnel audiences, we were able to generate an average ROAS for Top of the Funnel campaigns of 18.72 from June to November 2021.


The Results

Throughout our partnership, we: