The Challenge

Honch is a B2B data platform that provides B2B sales & marketing data for revenue teams and marketers that enables them to identify and engage with active buyers. The platform provides users with a database of over 200,000 decision makers, allowing them to spend less time prospecting and more time selling.
When Honch approached us, they had an existing website but the business had identified several areas for improvement. Neither the language on the site nor the site navigation were clearly conveying what Honch has to offer. For example, they had individual products (Finance, Marketing, HR and more to be created), but the current site didn’t break down these areas into individual sections. By improving the messaging and the site layout, we would be able to provide clarity for the customer and attract the right customers with relevant interests. The user experience and dated design also needed improvements to generate more leads.

The Solution

To address the site’s lack of clarity and UX, we implemented a newly-branded, modern and clear website that optimised the user experience. This design was created based on updated brand guidelines, including a new logo, new colour palette, new design.
These changes created a refreshed look and feel that was designed with the Honch audience in mind. We chose a clear and simple design that made the information easy to digest and resolved Honch’s previous issue with users misunderstanding their service
In terms of content development, we created new page content that provided more clarity about the services on offer and how they benefit the customer. We achieved this by creating copy with B2B sales and marketing professionals in mind, incorporating social proof to demonstrate real results and ultimately drive conversions.
The content creation process also considered SEO requirements to ensure the new site received maximum organic visibility in the search results. To achieve this, we conducted thorough keyword research based on the business’s offering and the B2B data industry. We worked with Honch to select keywords that had high relevance to the business but also spanned both long and short tail keywords.
We also made improvements to the user journey by creating a new navigation system that directs users either towards newsletter sign up or a trial request. We achieved this by ensuring that each audience has a dedicated page on the website that directly relates to their needs. These pages allow users to find highly relevant information, rather than having to scroll to find what they are looking for.
The user experience was further optimised by integrated features such as an email sign up pop up, a contact form and contact information. These features allow users to quickly and easily register their interest in the services and opt in to receive further marketing.


The newly optimised user journey was designed to allow users to absorb information quickly and make informed decisions about the value of Honch for their business. The new layout and page content also made it clear what Honch has to offer, where previously the offering had been unclear.
The new site provides a clear path to conversion, using CTAs, graphic imagery and copy to present a modern, coherent brand image.