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Decreased the average CPA by 41% in just 6 months.

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Achieved a 533% increase in conversions in comparison to the previous period.


Drove an average ROAS of 9.97 in 1 month.

The Challenge

Creative Carpers Giveaways are a company that runs low-odd competitions to win bundles of fishing gear and special prizes, selling tickets at a low price to pay for entry to win the item. These competitions are put on a time limit, giving users a limited time to enter and hopefully win their prize of choice. 

The client approached us in November 2020 looking to improve their use of online advertising, grow their business and build a loyal customer base. Upon our initial assessment we identified that:

  • There was a limited budget initially to work with.
  • CPA was particularly high from previous campaigns that were run.
  • Creative Carpers Giveaways were only leveraging boosted posts and not conversion campaigns.
  • There was limited pixel data meaning we were essentially starting from scratch.


It was clear that Creative Carpers Giveaways were in need of a full-funnel marketing campaign, but our analysis of performance and recommendations quickly allowed us to refine and fuel success for this client. 

Due to the pixel limitations, we initially had limited data to go on. To bring in data, we initially set up interest-based campaigns, focusing on broad interests related to the product. To help qualify our audiences, we also targeted audiences who were also interested in competitions, giveaways and gambling. 

We leveraged purchaser lookalike audiences, which meant that our ads would be shown to online users who appeared to be similar to those who had previously purchased from Creative Carpers Giveaways. 

Moving further down the funnel, we created some separate ads to appeal to those who had shown an interest in the business previously, whether that be engagement of some type on Instagram or Facebook, or subscribing to emails from Creative Carpers Giveaways. Then, we made even more ads tailored to those who had visited the website within the last 30 days. 

The content of these ads was crucial, and had to grab the attention of the user, so we utilised some of the photos of competition winners provided by Creative Carpers Giveaways, and used them in the creative. It was important for these images and assets to seem attainable and inspirational, enough to prove that the user had a fair chance of winning, so the images of competition winners were perfect for achieving this. 

Through data analysis, we realised that video was the best performing creative. This is because it builds trust with the targeted audiences, allowing the brand to communicate directly with them and more importantly, build a loyal customer base. We recommended this to the client and began to leverage them across all campaigns. 

As a result of this, engagement has boomed on Creative Carpers Giveaways page and they are seeing more conversions than ever!

Ideas for competitions and winning tickets are now fuelled by all previous marketing data, allowing us to use the most successful creatives and make similar content to keep the audience interested. 

Going forward, we will continue to refresh this content to align with our audience’s needs and attract new customers to the business. Most importantly, we will continue to build a loyal customer base for Creative Carpers Giveaways, with purchasers who aspire to win a prize and are not afraid to invest regularly.

The Results

Since working with Creative Carpers Giveaways, we have achieved;