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Achieved An 81% Overall Site Health Score.

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Improved The Organic Conversion Rate By 106% From 0.94% To 1.94%.


Increased The Website’s Domain Authority From 14 To 18 In Just 6 Months.

The Challenge

This brand sells unique gift products and offers a vast range of goods, all specifically made in the UK by local artisans and craftsmen. They believe in quality and quirkiness. The client was looking for an agency to take a proactive approach to ecommerce SEO to boost performance in multiple areas, from ranking visibility to the organic eCommerce conversion rate and numerous technical metrics that were bringing down the functionality of the site. 

We identified key areas for improvement:

  • There was no optimised content on the key transactional pages that had the potential to capture quality positions and drive sales.
  • A lower Domain Authority compared to competitors within the industry.
  • Impacts to the usability of the website from a technical perspective, including slow page speed, broken internal links and mixed content issues were limiting results.


Following in depth keyword research using keyword gap analysis and competitor analysis as a basis, we created optimised on page content for all key pages on the site, including the homepage, key category and department pages. This was to improve the overall visibility of the website for crucial, relevant keywords in order to increase the overall organic footfall. 

We worked closely with the client in order to ensure that all on-page content was an extension of the brand’s tone of voice, and brand ethos. As a quick win, we also created optimised meta data for all key pages on the site which would communicate with the search engine clearly what the content on the page was, and boost the brand’s relevancy and positions in SERPs.

For this eCommerce SEO campaign, we were also able to lean into the brand’s niche and target keywords such as ‘Gifts from England’. This allowed us to bring in new, transactional users to the website that the brand was previously only trying to reach through the blog. Our content optimisation captured quality page 1 positions as well as many instances of Featured Snippets. 

We also carried out extensive optimisations to the technical health of the site and achieved a 10% increase in the overall website health in six months; taking the overall technical health from 71% to 81%.

As a pillar of the SEO work, we also achieved high-quality backlink placements to improve domain authority and overall ‘rankability’ for the site. This work would contribute to the long term success and performance of this campaign. In just six months, we were able to increase the domain authority from 14 to 18. 

As part of this, we regularly conducted audits of the backlink profile. This ensured that we controlled all links that were pointing to the site and were able to quickly remove anything that could be potentially harmful. To do this, we reviewed each individual backlink and uploaded a disavow file to Google to eliminate the naturally occurring, spammy connections. 

During lockdown, we experienced challenges that impacted the website visibility rankings, and also a decreased demand which impacted the overall e-commerce rate of the website. However by re-optimising the category key top navigation pages that we had worked on previously, this re-established the client as a relevant and authoritative name within the industry and we saw an uplift in both our keyword rankings and the overall e-commerce conversion rate. The overall e-commerce conversion rate for organic traffic improved from 0.94% to 1.94% as a result of our comprehensive strategy. 

We worked with this client for six months during the initial lockdown period of 2020, from June to November.

The Results

Over a six month period, we: