The Challenge

ANDME Online is an affordable women’s fashion brand that wants consumers to make the most of all the clothes they buy – to love them and wear them over and over. Part “fast fashion”, part “slow fashion”. They call it “flow fashion”. A new way to think about the way we shop.

Having already worked with ANDME Online for around three months before undertaking the website project, we had an understanding of the business, its goals, its customers and the user’s expectations and behaviour.

When we began this project, ANDME Online wanted to take things to the next level by creating a functional yet impressive website that aligned with their brand image, whilst also meeting SEO and user experience best practices to increase organic traffic and conversions on the site.

The Solution

We began our partnership with ANDME Online by meticulously planning and strategically executing a website that not only reflected the brand values and identity but drove data-driven conversions too. Here’s an overview of our approach.

We initiated the process by drafting a website layout with a seamless user experience for customers across both desktop and mobile. With these agreed wireframes, pages and layouts, we could then start the visual design and content creation stage.

Before copy creation began, we consulted with ANDME Online on their desired tone of voice for the website to ensure alignment with brand identity and customer preferences. Our copywriting efforts focused on crafting engaging and informative on-page content optimised with natural keyword integration to enhance search engine visibility.

With the design and content ideation stage finalised, we could move forward with website development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Due to the e-commerce nature of the business, we recommended Shopify for optimal management and scalability.

We developed detailed product pages aimed at providing comprehensive information and product benefits to potential customers. These pages were implemented in an SEO-friendly format while creating informed purchasing decisions for customers. With features including multi-angle product shots, key information, and testimonials, we were able to foster trust and credibility for ANDME Online in their competitive industry.

Clear and compelling Call-To-Actions (CTAs) were strategically positioned throughout the website pages to initiate conversions and guide users on a seamless customer journey. We were also able to streamline areas of the site, summarising key points in an easy-to-digest manner through the use of icons. We used these icon features for areas of the site, including what makes ANDME different and unique selling points, ultimately improving user engagement.

To entice website visitors, gain greater credibility and improve the customer journey experience, we also introduced extra features on the site, such as a blog section. We created content for the ANDME Online blog to establish the brand as an industry leader, providing value to customers while maximising SEO opportunities. We also implemented a blog and ‘About Us’, ‘FAQs’, and ‘Contact Us’ pages to address user enquiries, questions, and concerns – this enabled ANDME to gain trust and authority.

The Good Marketers strategy saw pop-ups added to the website to capture customer information in exchange for exclusive offers. Through ‘Refer A Freind’ and ‘Wishlist’ functionalities, we were able to streamline both the purchasing processes and improve customer loyalty. We were also able to facilitate remarketing efforts and nurture leads.

Every website needs social proof and visibility for customer trust and industry authority. To achieve this, we added the ANDME Instagram feed on both their homepage and product pages, allowing visitors to view real-time product interactions and user-generated content.

To effectively communicate special offers, delivery options and new product releases, we added a rolling announcement bar at the top of the web pages, prominently displaying relevant information and incentives to website visitors and potential customers.

By meticulously delivering on these strategies, we were able to drive meaningful conversions, improve engagement and position ANDME as a leader in their competitive industry.


By incorporating relevant, keyword-focused content with a strong tone of voice into a bespoke site design, we were able to create a site that offers an engaging user journey, optimised to boost visibility, without compromising the UX-focused build.

Within the website structure, we built in a variety of additional content elements, creating key touchpoints to ensure that potential clients experience a streamlined and user-friendly site.

We were able to support this with SEO efforts, benefiting the overall visibility of the website on the competitive SERPs for this industry, with a focus on relevant, in-market keywords to drive traffic and exposure for ANDME Online.