The Challenge

ANDME Online is an affordable women’s fashion brand that wants consumers to make the most of all the clothes they buy – to love them and wear them over and over. Part “fast fashion”, part “slow fashion”. They call it “flow fashion”. A new way to think about the way we shop.

Having already worked with ANDME Online for around three months before undertaking the website project, we had an understanding of the business, its goals, its customers and the user’s expectations and behaviour.

When we began this project, ANDME Online wanted to take things to the next level by creating a functional yet impressive website that aligned with their brand image, whilst also meeting SEO and user experience best practices to increase organic traffic and conversions on the site.

The Solution

We began by planning the layout of the website using wireframes across both desktop and mobile versions. Once we agreed on the number of pages and their layout, we got to work on creating the visual design and planning our content creation for the on-page copy.

Before copy creation began, we consulted with ANDME Online on their desired tone of voice for the website and how they would like to come across to their customers. Using these insights, we began writing copy for the site, also optimising for natural keyword integration to improve search engine ranking for the brand’s core keywords. 

Once the design and content was approved, we began building the site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In terms of CMS (Content Management System), we recommended ANDME Online use Shopify due to the eCommerce nature of the business. 

With the build underway, we started developing strong, detailed product pages. These pages were designed to give website visitors all the information they require in order to find out more about a specific product and make a purchase, whilst also creating a stylish and engaging page. These pages utilised multiple shots of the products, whilst key information was displayed in an SEO-friendly format. We also created a testimonials section to display reviews and therefore build credibility with potential customers.

Across the website, we used CTAs to create a clear user journey to conversion and created icons to summarise what makes ANDME Online different. On the header of the site, we introduced a rolling announcement bar to communicate special offers and delivery options, such as free delivery over a set spending threshold. We also created a size guide, an ‘Our Story’ page as well as ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Terms of Service’ Pages to create more brand touch-points for user interaction.


By incorporating relevant, keyword-focused content with a strong tone of voice into a bespoke site design, we were able to create a site that offers an engaging user journey, optimised to boost visibility, without compromising the UX-focused build.

Within the website structure, we built in a variety of additional content elements, creating key touchpoints to ensure that potential clients experience a streamlined and user-friendly site.

We were able to support this with SEO efforts, benefiting the overall visibility of the website on the competitive SERPs for this industry, with a focus on relevant, in-market keywords to drive traffic and exposure for ANDME Online.