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Delivered a 1812% increase in sales through our advertising campaigns.  


Driven a 4.51 New Customer ROAS through our Paid Social campaigns.

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Drove a 124% increase in clicks to the website via our PPC campaigns.

The Challenge

All Week was founded in 2020 during lockdown by Gordon Ramsay-trained chef Theo Lloyd-Jones to offer easy but high-quality, nutritional meals to households all over the nation. All Week provides convenient but healthy, fresh meals to people across the UK, from families and busy professionals to fitness fanatics, no matter their schedule. Having worked in Michelin-starred kitchens and trained in the finest restaurants, All Week wants to challenge the idea that easy, quick food must compromise quality.

All Week approached The Good Marketer to create a Paid Social strategy to reach relevant audiences and provide a cost-effective revenue stream.

During our initial analysis, we identified several key challenges:

  • It is a highly competitive industry – especially post-COVID – with the likes of Chefly, Lion’s Prep and other household names taking up large shares of the market.
  • There was a lack of online and social presence, which was especially important considering the high levels of activity from competing brands.
  • There were no purchases from previous Paid Social media campaigns, which signified a lack of strategy rather than a lack of quality product.


Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Given the competitive industry and the type of audiences that we felt would respond best to the brand during our competitor research, we decided that Paid Social advertising was the most appropriate channel to build All Week’s presence. This would provide a solid base from which to expand once we generate consistent results for the brand.

As we identified that building brand awareness was the most crucial first step, we focused on creating an effective funnel that brought relevant traffic to the website. We set up a top-of-the-funnel conversion campaign with the goal of prospecting new customers and a bottom-of-the-funnel retargeting campaign that captured users who had engaged with the website or the brand’s social media over the last 30 days but who had not converted.

Given the higher price point of the products, the luxury nature of the ingredients and our insights from audience research into what other competitors were targeting, we began by segmenting our campaigns into two separate ad sets. One targets users interested in luxury products, and another targets demographic metrics such as high-paying professions.

We saw significant results almost immediately considering the wide targeting of the ad sets, highlighting the evident need for All Week’s services amongst these demographics. Our initial CPAs were slightly higher than our goal at over £20 but already much lower than the £36 CPA generated before our management of these campaigns. However, these settled within the first few weeks around this £20 mark, which was encouraging given the newness of the campaigns.

Considering the initial success of these targeted top-of-the-funnel campaigns, we quickly scaled up with a third ad set at this stage of the funnel, a Lookalike ad set targeting users who had submitted their emails. Once the campaigns were generating a higher volume of sales, we would set up a Lookalike of past purchasers—however, due to the low levels of sales prior to our management of their campaigns, this was not possible.

Despite the lack of previous data or past purchases to inform our strategy, we generated positive results within the first few months – driving 223K impressions across the funnel, 70K clicks and a strong CTR of 3.43% across the campaigns, a 697% increase from the performance before we overtook management of Paid Social. Overall, our focus on the top of the funnel to drive new customers and retarget engaged users meant that we achieved a 2.96 ROAS across our campaigns. We were able to drive a high number of purchases – 164 – in the first few months of working together with only a marginal increase in the CPC from £0.34 to £0.79.

We noticed a slight drop in conversions across the top of the funnel during the first few months of the campaigns being live, which, while is somewhat expected as conversions and performance levels to sustainable numbers, we wanted to continue our high levels of success as much as possible. This prompted our decision to launch a discount code for £10 off the first three deliveries on the weekly subscription model. Doing so saw a significant spike in results for the top of the funnel, driving renewed interest from potential users who may have hesitated before this incentive.

However, after this discount incentive was launched, we identified a dip in performance within the retargeting campaign due to the higher conversion levels across the top and the consequent lower levels of traffic funnelling through to this bottom-of-the-funnel campaign.

To combat this, we restructured the discount code incentive, giving audiences £15 off their first two orders. This was highly successful, generating higher order numbers and consequently lower CPAs within this ad set without compromising on ROAS, as this was the same value as the previous discount, which was just restructured to appear more attractive from the customers’ perspective.

The Results

Whilst working with All Week, we have been able to: