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Everything You Need To Know About Threads

There’s uproar in the world of social media as Meta has announced that they will be launching a new app that’s set to rival Twitter. 

Officially called ‘Threads’, the new app will be conversion based and (similar to Twitter) will allow users to post text-based apps that other users can like and comment on.

Twitter users have already been encouraged to migrate to the app as Meta approaches big names on Twitter offering early access. The onboarding guide reportedly advises users to post twice a day to start building a community on the app.

Is Threads The Same As Twitter?

The main difference between Twitter and Threads is that the new app is a Meta platform, so it can be linked to your Instagram. This is a big pro when it comes to getting set up in the app because you can log in using your Instagram account and access your follower list to find users on Threads.

While the app is yet to launch, we don’t know the extent to which Meta will allow users to integrate their platforms. But it’s not out of the question that users will be able to share their Threads content or profile on Instagram to increase their engagement.

What Does This Mean For Twitter?

Dubbed the ‘Twitter-killer’, Threads could pose a real threat, especially at a time when Elon Musk’s Twitter reign has done some damage to app loyalty. And if there was anyone who could take on the giant that is Twitter, it’s Meta.

Led by Mark Zuckerberg, Meta has spotted an opportunity to capture even more of the social media market (they already own Instagram and Facebook) by taking on Twitter at a moment of weakness. 

But what does all this mean for Twitter? The Twitter challenger app certainly poses a threat, but we’re sceptical that we’ll be seeing a mass migration of Twitter users anytime soon. Apart from any complaints they might have about Twitter’s evolution, there isn’t anything that will be driving users to move.

Will Threads Be Free For Users?

Like Facebook and Instagram, Threads will be free to download. However, it will likely offer the same verification option that was launched on Facebook and Instagram in May, allowing users to pay to be Meta verified.

This costs £9.99 a month when bought on a website or £11.99 if you verify directly in an iOS or Android app due to the cut Apple and Google take on app payments. This verifies your identity and promises “proactive account monitoring” for duplicate accounts claiming to be you. It’s a similar model to Twitter’s contentious Blue sub, but it has caused much less of a fuss on the Instagram platform.

When Is The App Being Released?

Meta’s Twitter alternative is expected to launch (along with this bangin’ blog) on the 6th of July, 2023. A preview page for the iPhone app has already appeared on Apple’s App Store, and users have seen teasers on Instagram.

Although, while the UK will have access to the app, EU countries will have to wait due to privacy restrictions.