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We've Expanded - Meet The Team

Do you know the saying dynamite comes in small packages? Well, this proves true for The Good Marketer. We may be a small digital marketing agency in London, but we have a growing team that is bursting with passion, creativity, and each with their own digital flair!

The Good Marketer was born in 2017 when Founder and Director, Tom, finished university and decided to take his own love of digital, along with his vast knowledge, and turn it into something incredible. Three years down the line and The Good Marketer has acquired a list of impressive clients (46 to be exact) and an ever-growing list of five-star recommendations.

In 2020 alone, The Good Marketer has grown from just three people to a group of 12 talented, marketing-obsessed individuals. This includes Broker and Benny, Tom’s beloved French bulldogs, who have to be mentioned here too – they play a big role in the day-to-day operations of The Good Marketer!

For now, here are the humans that make this digital agency what it is: meet the team.

Tom: Founder, Director, And Digital Genius

As we mentioned, Tom started The Good Marketer straight out of university. He has grown it into today’s success, with no intention of slowing down anytime soon. The expansion of the team is only one example of this.

Tom finished his Marketing and Advertising Communications degree just over three years ago and has since built The Good Marketer to become a specialised digital agency, unlike any other. He can’t live without Broker and Benny. As frequent visitors to the office, they are always warmly welcomed by the team….

Benny is our Head of Employee Wellbeing, and he’s certainly a pro at his job. He achieves this by sharing his cuddles among team members throughout the day! Broker, on the other hand, is the Head of Treats. He has managed to secure this role by never failing to persuade a team member to offer him treat after treat!

According to Tom, one of the best things about marketing is the immediate impact it can have. He is also a strong advocate for treating everyone how you want to be treated, regardless of title.

Lorena: Head Of Paid Advertising

Lorena, or Lor as she’s also known, is one of the brains behind The Good Marketer’s paid advertising services. She has so much knowledge in her field and a long list of incredible experience under her belt. There’s really not much she can’t do. What she loves about marketing is how it is ever-changing – even if this means it’s a little stressful at times, it never gets boring!

You can catch Lorena eating her favourite food, Ramen, or daydreaming about her treasured city, Seoul, in South Korea. And, just like Tom, Lorena is a sucker for her puppy.

Dan: Website Developer

Next up, we have Dan, The Good Marketer’s talented website developer. Dan is known to love a good challenge and is always willing to help out when necessary. Known to those closest to him as Benton, Dan cannot live without his wife and children.

One of his favourite hobbies includes playing or teaching the guitar, which makes sense as his field of study at university was Classical Guitar (though he has yet to strum a few chords for us!). He was also known as the guy who never made the tea at his previous job, but perhaps once we return to the office, this will change!

Grace: SEO And Social Media Executive

Grace is one of our SEO and social media geniuses. She is an English Literature and Language graduate who loves Edinburgh. However, she hates having to choose only one favourite city, as there are too many incredible ones! 

As the snacker of the team, Grace is always ready to bring out some or other kind of food from her bag to share at the office, and if she’s not snacking, she’s sipping on a coffee.

A couple of Grace’s favourite things about marketing includes the creative license that comes with working in this industry and that marketing can take you anywhere in the world!

Hannah: Paid Media Executive

Hannah is a self-proclaimed adopted dog mom to two precious sausage dogs. She is one of our paid media executives and thrives on maintaining a good work ethic. With an English Literature and Creative Writing degree under her belt, it’s no surprise that one of her preferred hobbies is writing, alongside travelling the world!

She loves a good cup of coffee and a good Rum Sour cocktail – though, not alternatively! Her biggest lesson learned from her previous job is that knowing how to speak to different people is one of the most important traits that she excels in at The Good Marketer.

Tess: Copywriter

Tess is our resident copywriter and has a way with words like no other. She’s a huge tea lover and enjoys a good yoga session. With a degree in Philosophy and a cat called Pea, you can imagine that she brings many good vibrations to the team. Not to mention, she has some excellent email marketing skills that we’re fortunate to benefit from!

One of her biggest pieces of advice that she’s learned through past work experience is that absolutely anything is possible if you have the right playlist on!

Megan: Digital Marketing Assistant

Megan is one of The Good Marketer’s digital marketing assistants. She loves the thrill of a finished campaign, seeing the hard work pay off, and happy clients. She has a degree in English Language and Communication, which has come in handy for the many blog posts she’s written for clients and our own blog.

If she is not helping with The Good Marketer’s social media content planning, she can be found browsing charity shops, bargain hunting, and finding treasures. You may even spot her with the purple hair she’s had in the past!

Alister: Paid Media Executive

Alister is another of our paid media executives and can usually be found searching through Tesco meal deals during his lunch break! Though he admits that he also can’t turn down a meat feast pizza!

One of Alister’s favourite parts about being in marketing is seeing the results of a successful campaign. He is also a huge gym fanatic and can always be found with his phone in hand – pretty standard for all of us in digital!

Lucy: Content And Social Media Executive

In addition to being an SEO whiz, Lucy is also a horse-riding enthusiast (and recent British Dressage winner!), regularly competing her horses. She has been known to be the organiser of all out-of-office team get-togethers, although 2020 has not allowed us many of those. However, she promises to share this talent of hers in the future! Having previously worked at a Digital Marketing Agency, Lucy adds to the incredibly diverse set of skills here at The Good Marketer and loves the array of different industries she gets to work with. 

If she could have a superpower, Lucy would love to control the weather – imagine being able to avoid rainy, wet weather at festivals!

David: Facebook Ads Account Executive

Hailing from Ireland, David plays a big part in the rolling out of successful Facebook campaigns. His degree in Marketing and experience within the industry led him to The Good Marketer as our most recent hire!

He loves a good Singapore Sling cocktail, and one of his favourite things to do outside of work is to play golf.

A big lesson he has learned throughout his career is that the customer is always right! With a good eye for analytics and a keen interest in getting clients the results they’re looking for, we are lucky to have him here.

Lauren: Digital Marketing Assistant

Lauren is our other digital assistant all the way from South Africa. She has a degree in Communication Science and a huge love for her Maltese Poodle, Biscotti.

According to Lauren, the best thing about being in marketing is telling different brands’ stories in unique and creative ways. Some of her passions include writing, tea, and sushi. She also makes up the other half of The Good Marketer’s social content planning team (alongside Megan) and loves learning about her colleagues’ British culture!

Chloe: Office Assistant

Tom’s very own sister, Chloe, is his right-hand woman when organising team events. She loves anything chocolate and is a pro at finding good places to eat.

Without Chloe, many of our virtual team events, or Secret Santa, wouldn’t have been possible. She’s certainly a professional at keeping things in order here at The Good Marketer – it must run in the family!

Even though The Good Marketer has only been around for three years, there is already so much passion, creativity, and dedication here – this is only just the beginning. We are extremely proud of the agency that it has become, and there are so many more things in the pipeline. 

With a diverse and innovative team like this, you’ll be nothing less than impressed with our results-driven attitudes and welcoming way of working!