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Welcome To Our Brand New Content Studio!

If you’ve been following The Good Marketer on socials recently, you may have seen glimpses here and there, but now it’s official.

Our purpose-built content studio is open for business, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s how the whole thing came to be…

The Journey To Rivington Street…

We all know how important high-quality creative is in digital these days, whether you’re a brand trying to turn heads via your socials and advertising or you’re a creative trying to break into the boom that is the creator economy.

For both parties, location is key. Even the best creative idea will fall flat if it’s shot in a low-light, grubby, unfit-for-purpose setting. As creatives ourselves, we know this firsthand.

This was the basis of the bright idea that led to our brand-new studio. We figured if we know exactly what brands and creatives need as a foundation for amazing content, why not give it to ‘em?

So, we set out on our journey to find the perfect creative space!

A few viewings later, we found it – bathed in natural light and conveniently situated just a few minutes away from our Ravey Street office.

It was (almost) perfect.

Blood, Sweat - Luckily, No Tears!

From the very beginning, we had a strong sense of what we wanted the studio to look like. Hours spent on Pinterest gave us clarity over our vision, so we got started on the work.

We wanted the space to be as functional as possible and essentially offer a set-like opportunity for creating content. So we fitted out a custom kitchen with white marble tops and gold accents, with a free-standing kitchen island that stands right in front of one of the many huge windows. It’s the perfect backdrop for an unboxing!

Then, it was onto the living room. Light and bright was always our goal, so we brought in cream boucle armchairs to accompany a cream rug and matching sofa. We then fitted white floor-length linen curtains on all surrounding walls. Get ready with me, anyone?

Now, what’s a content studio without a photography cove? In the back corner of the studio, you’ll find multiple paper backdrops, a full set of lights and a stool or two for those W-Magazine-style interviews.

Finally, we needed a place for product storage and editing. So, we renovated two glass-walled rooms, one to contain floor-to-ceiling shelving units for housing products and another with a desk, chair, and monitor for editing.

It took almost a year and A LOT of hard work and determination, but it now really is the perfect space!

Pics, Or It Didn’t Happen, Right?



How Does The Studio Benefit Our Clients?

Since acquiring the studio, we have been able to elevate our creative offering massively. Having created content for a variety of clients day in and day out for almost seven years, we have extensive experience determining exactly what is required for content that actually stops the scroll.

Now, we are able to offer clients access to a purpose-built space to underpin even better content at no additional cost beyond their existing retainers.

What’s more, knowing we have the setting we need, we can go further with innovative ideation, brainstorming, creative experimentation, and more.

If you would like to learn more about our content studio or how we can support your creative needs, please get in touch. We would love to help you bring your creative projects to life in our versatile and well-equipped space.