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The Latest Digital Marketing Updates

Staying ahead of the curve is essential whether you run your marketing in house or have the help of an digital marketing agency. Keeping a finger on the pulse of industry trends, platform updates, and other developments is pivotal for success. In this blog, we’re shining a light on the current changes to our industry that you should be aware of, including Google, social media and email marketing. Grab a drink, find a comfortable seat and get all the updates to improve the future of your marketing.


You may be aware that Google has just launched their latest core update, ushering in a new era of ranking intricacies set to impact existing search positions. This update strategy has been vital to Google’s ongoing commitment to provide users with top-notch and dependable search results.

The key takeaways from this update were the refresh of the ranking release history page and the potential to either boost or diminish search rankings while potentially leaving some unaffected. Do not fret; if your website is adversely affected, Google will provide recommendations for recovery.

Google will assess your current content, adhering to its help content guide rather than diving into technical fixes. Remember that Google focuses on valuable search experiences and favours quality content. Avoid making drastic changes and allow the algorithm to fulfil its purpose. Google has emphasised that recovery time for this means it will typically take several months for pages to regain rankings. Some impacted content may not recover until the next major core update has been introduced. As the effects of this update continue to manifest, it will require patience from businesses and SEO professionals. Remember that website quality should always be prioritised over quick fixes for success.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has always stood out as a remarkably cost-effective strategy, consistently yielding one of the most impressive returns on investment within the digital marketing space. Nevertheless, the ever-expanding market has long vexed email marketers with its inherent inefficiencies and limitations. Thankfully, the new world of AI has been updated to offer AI-powered email productivity tools. This can alleviate the email marketers’ frustrations, improving efficiency. With AI at the forefront of everyone’s minds, the future of email marketing looks ever so promising, with a new estimated value set to skyrocket to $17.9 billion by 2027, just four years from now.

Amongst the inefficiencies, automation and personalisation have become key factors in email marketing efforts and strategies. AI platforms, such as Chat GPT, have now seized the opportunity to elevate the way we do email, taking the industry to another level. With the help of AI, marketing specialists can build hyper-personalised content, automate complex workflows, write super engaging copy and fine-tune their subject and preview lines. It also allows dissecting data to better enhance our targeting and segmentation. This all goes hand-in-hand with streamlining strategies and creating compelling content, resulting in better engagement and conversion rates.

Social Media

TikTok has its sights set on the upcoming holiday season with the unveiling of its ‘2023 Holiday Marketing Guide’. If TikTok is a significant area of your marketing efforts throughout the holiday season, then you’re in luck. This comprehensive guide is brimming with priceless tips and insights to help create a successful holiday marketing campaign. This guide not only provides significant planning tips but also provides well-organised calendars featuring all of the important dates you cannot miss. Finally, it also offers valuable insights into optimal launch timings and guidance on best utilising TikTok’s specialised tools, including video editing. And if you’re in doubt whether you should hire a TikTok agency or not, give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you what we’re capable of.

Another TikTok update is the significant transformation they are undergoing in response to the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which aims at granting European users greater control over their personalised content journeys.
In a statement from TikTok, this update is set to change and reshape the ‘For You’ and ‘LIVE’ feeds. They will shift from personalised content recommendations to featuring popular content from both the user’s locale and around the world. The ‘Following’ and ‘Friends’ feeds will retain the creators these users follow but now in chronological order rather than profiling-based arrangements. The key reason for this transformation is to introduce an opt-out feature for personalised content algorithms, in line with the DSA’s requirements for large online platforms. Users will now be able to deactivate the tailored algorithm for the ‘For You’ and ‘LIVE’ feeds, displaying popular videos relevant to their location instead of content tailored to their interests. TikTok joins 19 other companies subject to the DSA’s regulations, including that of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Moving on from TikTok, Threads, the app conveniently launched during Twitter’s more turbulent times, has now experienced a noticeable decline in its user engagement. Initially positioned to leverage Twitter’s post-acquisition chaos under Elon Musk, Threads is now struggling to rival Twitter’s daily user engagement, which currently boasts around 100 million active daily users. In August, the new platform recorded a mere 576,000 active users, which is a substantial drop from its peak of 2.3 million recorded in July. Despite their continuous efforts and feature enhancements, the future of this ever-evolving social media platform remains uncertain.

Where adaptation and innovation are the key to staying relevant, we’ve seen how Google continues redefining engagement rules, email marketing leverages AI to improve efficiency, and social media adapts its platforms, rules and regulations for a better user experience. Digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool if used wisely; our specialists are experienced in all avenues, creating successful campaigns in line with all of the industry updates. Check out our services if you need help with brand awareness, conversions and retention. The future of your brand’s online presence is in your hands; make it incredible.