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The Best Copywriting Trends And Tactics For eCommerce Growth

Are you an eCommerce copywriter looking for the latest trends to follow for your future clients?

Or are you a store owner looking for greater eCommerce growth by developing and expanding your copywriting skillset?

Either way, captivating copy can make a huge difference between significant sales and lost opportunities. Like all areas of digital marketing, trends, tactics, and best practices change over time, so let’s delve into what you can do in 2024 to ensure your eCommerce store stays ahead of the curve and produces copy and content with an impact.


When looking for greater eCommerce growth, one method in particular continues to sell: storytelling. As an eCommerce copywriter, opting to incorporate storytelling practices into your content will set your brand apart from competitors in the market.

Think about what it is that you look for as a consumer; most of the time, we want to digest content from brands that show authenticity and personality and that we feel connected to. With storytelling tactics, you can showcase the story behind your business and the products or services you sell. It’s also a fantastic way to show users the impact your offerings will have in their lives. This is one of the copywriting tips that truly stands out, and it allows us to create narratives that resonate emotionally while developing brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty.

User-Generated Content

As an eCommerce copywriter, you’ll want to ensure you make the most of user-generated content, as this builds trust amongst the community you create and develops a greater sense of authenticity and credibility. Seeing others use and love the products and services you offer will encourage others to make the purchase.

Having your customers share their experiences with your brands through reviews, testimonials, and social media is a great way to do this. You can then incorporate these pieces of content into your writing. For example, adding reviews to Facebook advertising is an effective way to gain more clicks. Using UGC-based copy in your future copywriting will offer real-life stories and demonstrate your social proof, fulfilling newer customers and potential customers with more confidence in their purchases and your products.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you’re going to follow just one of these copywriting tips, make sure it’s this one! Optimising your content for search engines, be that blogs, website pages or product descriptions, is essential to driving organic traffic and ensuring you have great discoverability. When incorporating eCommerce SEO into your copywriting, conduct keyword research to find the relevant search terms and phrases used most by your target audience. You can incorporate these keywords naturally into your future copy, enhancing your website visibility and the positions in which your eCommerce store ranks on Google and other SERPs.


What would grab your attention? Would it be the generic copy you see across almost every other competitive eCommerce store or something more personalised? Tailoring the copy you produce for your target audience can significantly improve your engagement and conversions. With the help of your analytics, you can gain an understanding of your audience’s behaviours, purchase history and preferences.

Using this information, you can begin to personalise your product recommendations, email campaigns and website messaging to attract and retain customers, as your content will now better align with their expectations and resonate with their browsing and shopping behaviours. Remember, your unique shopping experiences will determine whether your customers opt for you or your competitors.

Benefits Or Features?

As an eCommerce copywriter, you’ll review the many features your products and services offer users, incorporating this information throughout your website, emails, social media and other forms of advertising. With this said, we should focus on highlighting the benefits of the products rather than what they include. Listing the features will not solve a problem or offer a solution – instead, you’re selling to them. We want to showcase how your products and services will help consumers, enhancing their lives while solving their common pain points. Clearly communicating the value of your brand, positioning yourself with a unique selling point, and compelling users to buy is the main goal.

A Few Others To Consider

  • A/B Testing & Integration – continuously test and optimise your copywriting to enhance performance, engagement and conversions.
  • Emotional Triggers – appeal to more customers by focusing areas of your copy on the emotions they may be feeling, using persuasive tones to tap into desires and pain points.
  • Conversational Tone – Prevent formalities within your copy, speaking directly to your audience as if having a personal conversation with them.

In conclusion, there is an art to mastering your eCommerce copywriting, which is essential in any competitive industry. Utilising these copywriting tips, you can ensure your future content is search engine optimised, conversational, personalised, credible and, most importantly, drives engagement and conversions. Embracing the tactics and trends most, if not all, other eCommerce copywriters are using will ensure you set your brand up for success amongst competitors while staying agile to user expectations. Ready to transform your eCommerce store in 2024? Get in touch with The Good Marketer.