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TGM's Social Media Strategies To Help Triple Your Sales

Picture this; you’ve just posted your latest product launch to Instagram, 24 hours pass, and you do not see the engagement you expected and, more importantly, not seeing the sales. 

Well, sorry to say, but simply having a profile and posting your photo to Instagram merely is not enough. 

To create successful leads on social media, you need to carefully devise and strategise  techniques that engage and attract followers that you can then ultimately convert to loyal customers,

“But what are some of these techniques for social media marketing?” We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we’ve broken down a few of our social media musts below. 

Showing Your Product In Action

It’s all very good to have an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed that advertises and shows you pretty pictures of your products. Still, in order to create a worthy customer experience, you should aim to actually show how your products work rather than just telling them how good it is.

It’s essential to create a rich customer experience; you want to make it easy to visualise using your product. 

Try to create different stories and scenarios that will connect with your audience. Look to incorporate photos, videos, animated gifs, and other forms of content, as this will help demonstrate your products in action. 


Building on showing your product in action, you must include user-generated content within your social media marketing strategy.

It makes sense, too as Most consumers don’t trust what brands and product managers say about their products. But they will trust other consumers like themselves.

An easy way to do this is by offering your customer the chance to get featured on your brand’s Instagram account and potential discounts and rewards for doing so.

Consistency Is King 

 It may sound obvious, but at times, it is often overlooked.

Yes, you can post a photo every day, but is this really engaging and educating your audience on your brand’s mission statement, story or message.

To grow your following, you need to post engaging content consistently; you always want to be the go-to hub for your particular area and consistently reminding your audience that your brand is staying active and staying busy essentially.

As well as being consistent, you need to target your audience when they are most likely to see it. A recent study shows that 90% of employees use social media to distract while at work, so look to capitalise on this and post during these peak times.


 Again, cross-promotion is also overlooked, and not wasting all your content for just your Instagram followers. Be sure to share stories and promotional posts that have worked particularly well to Facebook and Twitter.

It’s important to remember that each platform has its formatting, but some templates are transferable to different media, for example, Facebook and Instagram stories.

Hashtag Everything

 When promoting a product or brand, you have set hashtags within your social media marketing strategy. Hashtags increase your brand’s shareability power.

Don’t be scared to have fun with your hashtags too, the funnier, quirkier, and more relatable the hashtag is, the more likely your audience is to tag their posts and share with friends.

As your hashtags grow and become more popular,  more people will begin to search for that particular tag.  Similar to how keywords work in SEO.

By creating your hashtag, you also make a unit of measurement that you can monitor to see the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

As mentioned in the beginning, these are just a few of our top tips on how you can launch your social media marketing strategy, but if you want even more tips and tricks, get in contact with us today at The Good Marketer