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New Year’s Resolutions By The Good Marketer Team

Whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or not, the start of another year always brings about a feeling of a chance to change. You may call them goals or objectives, but essentially, they all end up meaning the same thing; we want to have some kind of vision that encourages us to do better and improve from last year.

Here at The Good Marketer, we decided that as a digital marketing agency with so much growth ahead of us, it is only fitting to make some New Year’s resolutions of our own.

From our paid media executives to the digital marketing assistants, we asked a few team members to share their own New Year’s resolutions. So, if you’ve felt like you need some motivation to get your resolutions together, we are here to help. Keep on reading!

Tom – Founder And Director

Our founder and director, Tom, has made it his goal to read more books this year. While the lockdowns keep coming and we are all at home, this seems like a pretty reasonable resolution! The nature of our work has us spending most of our time looking at screens too, so moving away from that and allowing our minds to have a good break will be a welcomed change.

Plus, you have to admit that the cold weather is a good excuse as well. There’s nothing quite like cosying up with a good book. We may have to take Tom’s advice and get on this train, too.

Grace – SEO And Social Media Executive

One of our SEO experts, Grace, has made a few practical New Year’s resolutions for 2021. These include keeping her car clean (both the inside and outside, of course), trying out some new recipes (perfect for the lockdown we are currently in), and finally, to stop spending money on online shopping!

As no one is entirely certain when the lockdown will come to a complete end, having some fun resolutions such as learning to cook new recipes, is a great idea to keep yourself entertained (and satisfied). Your family will most likely be thrilled about that too!

Hannah: Paid Media Executive

Learning Korean is on Hannah’s list of things to focus on this year. Although this probably seems like quite a challenging task to most people, Hannah’s dedication will see her through (and if not, we admire her for trying!). 

In addition to this, Hannah has also decided to seek small bits of happiness each day. This is one resolution we can all benefit from for the year ahead.

Tess: Copywriter

Tess has shared that 2021 will be the year that she drinks more water! Now that we are all working from home, keeping hydrated can easily be forgotten, as we just get on with tasks and don’t stop to think about much else.

Tess has also decided that daily walks will be a priority. While it is good to remain occupied, our bodies and minds need hydration and movement to focus and operate. So, thanks for inspiring us, Tess!

Dan – Website Developer

In an effort to make the most of a terrible year, Dan mentioned that he’s particularly keen on finding all the 2020 calendars and burning them. While this may not be your typical new year’s resolution, we’re sure most of you can agree with him!

His second resolution is to stop making resolutions. If you’re like Dan and also don’t enjoy coming up with any resolutions, maybe this could be yours, too!

Alister – Paid Media Executive

During the month of January, Alister has taken it upon himself to follow a vegetarian diet. As someone whose favourite food is a meat feast pizza, this is quite the resolution!

If you enjoy a good meaty meal, you will understand how difficult this resolution may be. Although, that’s also one reason we form resolutions in the first place; to challenge ourselves to accomplish something we may not have before.

Lucy – Content And Social Media Executive

With difficult days more common than not at the moment, Lucy’s resolutions have taken this into consideration and include focusing more on mindfulness. This involves writing down weekly or daily positives, to remember that the small things are actually the big things.

Along with this, a better WFH routine is on Lucy’s list (something we could all probably do too) and cutting down on the snacks. Now that’s completely relatable! She also has plenty of goals for her and her horses that she is aiming towards when lockdown eases! 

David – Facebook Ads Account Executive

One of our Facebook gurus, David, is also the hiking guru of the team. One of his resolutions is to climb a mountain a month! What’s even more impressive is that he’s completed his January one already, with still half of the month left to go. This is dedication.

Like Tom, David has also made it a goal to read more. More specifically, a book a month. By the sounds of it, his months are looking pretty packed already.

Chloe – Office Assistant

Set to better her organisational skills, Chloe is inspiring us all this year. You can never be too organised! Especially when you’re in a non-stop industry such as ours, staying on top of everything is key.

Horse riding was next on her list of resolutions. This certainly sounds like an entertaining one. As a way to remain active, Chloe’s determined to get more of this in and enjoy everything else that comes along with it. 

Megan – Digital Marketing Assistant

As an avid shopper, Megan shared that she is going to try and shop for more second-hand clothing, as opposed to fast-fashion. As well as being extremely healthy for our planet, thrifting can also be a lot of fun. Plus, you can find some great hidden gems!

The good thing about this resolution is that you can still get that thrill of shopping, but you can also feel proud knowing that your secondhand purchase will make an impact.

Lauren – Digital Marketing Assistant

For Lauren, one of the most important things to remember in 2021 is to give yourself the breaks you need. As one of her top new year’s resolutions, she’s decided that this will be the year she sets boundaries and takes care of her work/life balance. 

As we get back into the whirlwind of social media and planning clients’ campaigns, it’s vital to be clear about switching off. Take this tip too – everyone needs a break at times!

If you have set out your own new year’s resolutions, we wish you the best of luck in keeping to them! But remember, if you slip up or change your mind along the way, that’s fine too. The main thing is that we’re each trying to better ourselves every day, in whatever form that may take.