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A Guide to Mother’s Day Marketing

Mother’s Day, a day celebrated by many, is the perfect opportunity for businesses to boost their awareness, improve their website traffic and increase their sales.

With more people shopping for the perfect gift online, a variety of marketing methods can help to capture the attention of the target audience, including Google ads, social media ads, organic social media, and email marketing.

Establishing the perfect route that is specific to your company and its goals can be tricky, but that’s why we’re here. In this article, we will explore four techniques to enhance sales and retain a strong business-customer relationship that can be nurtured this Mother’s Day.

The Beauty of Gift Giving

As Mother’s Day is centred around gift giving, offering more than just a product will help to engage existing as well as attract new potential customers from your marketing campaigns.

What does that mean? Emphasis on the emotion mothers will feel when receiving your product can help to pull on those heartstrings and tempt more people into purchasing your products.

Essentialy, allowing your customers to buy not just your products but also an experience, thus changing the selling point from the product alone to the idealised experience it can provide. This strategy works perfectly for businesses like restaurants, offering vouchers or fashion companies advertising outfits for an activity.

Keeping Things Personal

Maintaining a personal touch during busy campaign events is crucial for establishing and retaining a loyal customer base, at any time of the year – but especially around a day like Mother’s Day.

Recent survey shows that personalised gifts have gained increased popularity, with 26% of consumers interested in gifts that can be personalised. Your business needs to be able to capture the audience’s attention amongst many competitors which can be difficult in such saturated markets.

So, where do you begin?

Offering personalisation on selected items makes the product special for both the buyer and the recipient – this, again, allows you to tap into the psychology of gift buying/giving and lead through emotions. However, personalised products aren’t an option for every business, so what else can you do?

Another avenue to explore could be email marketing – incorporating personal elements like addressing the recipient by their name in an email can make customers feel valued while simultaneously capturing their attention in a crowded inbox.

For a further personalised touch, consider promoting a collection of “staff favourite” products. This not only highlights specific items but also nurtures a sense

The Deals That Keep On Giving

Even though Mother’s Day is all about pampering mothers, never underestimate the customer’s interest in saving money. Around this time, businesses could opt to promote products based on price brackets (e.g., under £50) or add special Mother’s Day deals. This strategy gives the impression that customers are saving money, generating a positive outlook and helping you stand out from the crowd.

With 61% of consumers in 2023 basking in the wide choice of discount or promotional offers when purchasing gifts for Mother’s Day, it’s important that you give your customers what they want. Otherwise, they’ll go somewhere with a deal or discount.

Another option is to include free products in Mother’s Day advertisements when customers spend over a certain amount, creating a bargain-like atmosphere. Or offering free gift wrapping specific to Mother’s Day, increasing your products’ perceived value.

Giving It A Sense Of Urgency

Using urgency for your Mother’s Day marketing campaign is a clever way to significantly drive sales.

This desired sense of urgency can be amplified by introducing countdowns in your campaigns – inducing stress will steer customers towards the reliability of your business, guaranteeing that their present will arrive in time for Mother’s Day whilst continuously reminding them of the upcoming holiday.

Considering things like providing free next-day delivery can also assure customers their gifts will arrive in time for Mother’s Day, creating time-sensitive pressure whilst also alleviating stress.

Marketing Mother’s Day Right

Google ads, social media ads, and organic social and email marketing are great starting points when deciding on the best marketing approach for Mother’s Day.

Google ads can help you target customers who are actively searching for your product, saving advertising costs from uninterested users. With a great keyword strategy in place, those ads can help your customers survive through the noise of saturated markets and help them thrive in your business.

On the other hand, on a broad occasion like Mother’s Day, social media ads can reach a wider audience, increasing exposure and potential sales.

Organic social media interacts with an established business community, allowing for personalised advertising and specific sales techniques. Similarly, email marketing offers another highly targeted, personalised advertising method.

So, are you ready for the big day?

Give one of these strategies a go! By understanding your existing customer base and potential outreach, you can find the perfect way in which your products can appeal to the audience. If you’re still unsure how to optimise Mother’s Day for your business, get in touch.