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5 Inspirational Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram is an excellent resource for discovering inspirational brands that may be of use to you. But which accounts should you pay attention to? With so many businesses, influencers and adverts to choose from, it can be difficult to find inspiring Instagram accounts that are worth following. 

But have no fear! We’re here to show you the top 5 brands that are worth following if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to learn from the best.

And with that, let’s dive in!

Entrepreneur Magazine

To kick off our compilation of the best startup instagram accounts, we’ve chosen Entrepreneur Magazine. Similar to their website, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Instagram account isn’t focused on a particular sector or industry. Instead, it features highly successful entrepreneurs and businesses across the board. Therefore, you can follow them to see what different types of businesses are up to and what marketing tactics they’re using to scale up. 

In a nutshell, this Instagram account showcases small business management advice, and is gold dust for an Instagram entrepreneur.


Who doesn’t love an inspirational Instagram account run by some of the world’s most successful women leaders dedicated to aspiring women leaders? Sounds awesome right? 

The entire Ellevest account highlights successful women and promotes content under specific hashtags like #InvestLikeAWomen. We won’t lie – we’re big fans of that. For you as a small business/start-up owner, this Instagram account is a great source of inspiration. Their graphics, videos and GIFs are also stunning too! This is one of the best startup instagram accounts to follow if you want to be inspired by women in business.


Greats is a sneaker brand based in Brooklyn that has seen much success as a result of its social media presence. Specifically, their strategies for business growth on Instagram hugely contributed to acquiring their first 1 million customers. 

The brand focuses on their core values and always stays true to their mission to provide sustainable sneakers. They also have some pretty cool imagery that’s sure to give you some Instagram motivation.


Gymshark is a UK-based fitness gear and accessory brand, manufacturer, and online retailer with millions of highly engaged social media followers and consumers in 131 countries. 

Gymshark has earned its right to be an inspiration to all Instagram entrepreneurs, having evolved from a garage-based screen printing company into one of the fitness industry’s fastest-growing and most recognisable brands. This expansion stems from a commitment to creating creative, practical performance clothing and a growing social presence.

Gary Varynerchuk

Last but by no means least on our list of inspiring instagram accounts is Gary Vaynerchuk. Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author, international speaker, and mega influencer. He’s the chairman of VaynerX, a media and communications holding company, and the CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients. Since launching his motivational instagram account, Vayner has become one of the most important and inspirational business leaders on the platform 

But, despite being hugely successful and boasting a Goliath of 9.4 million followers, Gary is known for his frank, passionate and ruthless business advice. His followers follow him because he has a “brutal truth” approach and sometimes uses expletives along the way. But why does this matter – he’s human as well as being an entrepreneur! His Instagram account is jam-packed with motivational quotes, videos, and honest tips about being successful when launching a new business. We highly recommend you check him out.

How We Can Help

The very moment you think you start lacking entrepreneurial inspiration, visit any of the inspiring Instagram accounts mentioned above. You’re sure to get your daily dose of motivation to move ahead! 

Failing that, our team of passionate social media wizards are here to take you to the next level.