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Why SEO Is An Essential Part Of An eCommerce Strategy

Building a marketing plan and strategy is key to any business’s growth and expansion. It gives you goals to reach and even time frames to reach them in, as well as a chance to see your overall progression.

It can be difficult to distinguish what you need to prioritise and how much to invest in a certain marketing funnel or style compared to others. However, one marketing tool that is often left out of many businesses marketing strategies, let alone prioritised, is SEO.

SEO is not just an underutilised tool but it is one of paramount importance for any eCommerce business to reach its full potential. Although it is a time-consuming process and one that doesn’t always bring immediate results, if you invest in SEO you will reap the rewards long term.

And utilising the abilities of an eCommerce SEO agency is definitely worthwhile when it comes to creating and implementing a strong strategy. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at why SEO should be an essential part of any eCommerce marketing strategy.

It’s Free

Working on your SEO is completely FREE! This should be reason enough to make it part of your marketing strategy. 

Free marketing is a rare commodity in the industry and yet still so many people neglect it.

Working on your SEO does take time, yes, but there is no actual cost to you to implement a good strategy for your business. 

That said, it cannot be understated how valuable an eCommerce SEO agency can be in helping you create that strategy, and while their services probably won’t be free they’ll definitely be worth it. 

By utilising their industry knowledge they can place you way ahead of the competition. So if it’s within your budget, definitely invest. Especially since the rest is free and, unlike many other elements of digital marketing, will not incur any rolling costs.

Long-Term Benefits 

SEO is a long game, there’s no denying it. If you’re looking for immediate results, you might be disappointed. But what you won’t be disappointed with is how an effective SEO strategy can benefit your business in the long run.

But, this will only happen if those initial stages are done right. 

This is why investing in an eCommerce SEO agency is so crucial. It pays for itself and then some when you’ve been occupying the top of the SERPs for weeks on end. 

Once you have built a solid SEO strategy, it can be difficult for your competitors to outdo you as you were the first there. By utilising highly relevant keywords and narrowing down your market, you build a foundation with that customer base.

And having that foundation makes it so much more difficult for competitors to swoop in and steal your customers as, by this point, you’ve already established a sense of brand loyalty amongst your audience. 

Improves User Experience 

Speaking of your audience, another reason why SEO should be an essential part of your marketing strategy is that it improves user experience. 

There is this lazy saying that if it isn’t on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist. 

The sad fact is, many consumers and potential customers take this as gospel.

Unless you have a highly committed customer base who are willing to go out of their way to get your product or service, they will compromise and opt for convenience… every single time.

Consider the online world as a high street. You want to be in that prominent position to draw in passersby as well as your repeat customers. That is how you grow your business. 

So if you are not doing what you can to ensure you are there front and centre for your customer’s convenience, then you are only hindering your own businesses growth. 

When it comes to reasons why SEO should be an essential part of your eCommerce marketing strategy, we could go on and on… and on. 

But, between the fact that it’s free, provides long-term benefits and improves user experience, we’d be surprised if you weren’t already convinced. 

SEO is a long game, yes. But when you invest in a highly experienced SEO marketing agency, you are investing in an opportunity to take your business from something new on the digital scene to a household name. 

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