Trending Marketing Campaigns This Christmas
Tom Welbourne

Tom Welbourne

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Trending Marketing Campaigns This Christmas

Black Friday is over, and we all know that for Christmas marketing it’s now a level playing field.

The festive period is getting longer by the year. With recent stats from The Guardian showing that one in every five shoppers has all their presents bought (and wrapped!!!) by December 15th, it’s early doors for your Christmas campaign.

Christmas is the perfect time to get creative! If you’re just starting and feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer expanse of Christmas advertising, don’t worry. We’ve listed our five favourite marketing campaigns for the 2019 holiday season.

So grab a mince pie, and in no particular order…

1. Boots

Boots have decided to promote a ‘super-targeted’ marketing campaign based on the challenge of buying Christmas presents for many people with distinct interests.

“Bootiques” refers to a shopping experience that caters specifically to interests, lifestyles or character types. Online and in-store pop-up stalls provide you with extensive options for vegans, gym bunnies, bath lovers, romantic partners, stress heads.

You name em’, Bootiques promise the perfect gift.

The marketing campaign has been trending across various social media platforms throughout the holiday season and offers a solution to the stress of trying to please everyone this Christmas!

2. Mulberry

Christmas can be tacky, it can’t be denied.

And a high-end brand with a typically chic and understated Christmas campaign can often be overlooked. However, Mulberry’s trending Christmas advertising offers an electrified take on the classic ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’ – the lyrics accompany eight ladies pulling pints of milk from their Mulberry bags.

The marketing campaign was enhanced by the hashtags #mulberrygifts and #mytruelovegavemetome occupying space on numerous social media platforms. 

But first posted on Instagram, the 60 second limit leaves the customer wanting more, and Mulberry provides their customers with an option to click through to their website where you can enjoy the full film.

In addition, a collection Ad allows you to make a snap-click purchase of any items featured in the video. 

Nicely done, Mulberry.

3. M&S Food

Now be honest, who isn’t hella tempted by the slow pour of brandy butter over the blue hue of a Christmas pudding?

 If you say you don’t want it, you’re lying.

The M&S food Christmas ad takes its audience on a journey around a Christmas market full of food stalls. People of all ages are huddled together sipping steaming drinks and, keeping with tradition, there’s a sensational zoom shot of every Christmas dish.

The M&S Food Christmas campaign is as classic as its consumers are loyal. After all, it’s not just food…

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has opted for a more interactive Christmas marketing campaign this year with #OUGifted. 

The company post teasing flat lays of their Christmassy products alongside elusive captions that direct consumers to different social media platforms, from Twitter to Instagram stories and even their website.

For small businesses that are working to increase brand engagement from your audience, cross-referencing your social media platforms and giving your consumers direction through your marketing campaigns or advertising can be extremely effective.

Urban Outfitters festive teasers entice customers to enter competitions in which they can win the items in the images. By doing this, Urban Outfitters is likely to gain the information of new audience members as well as maintain active brand engagement from their existing customers.

5. Lidl

The Lidl Christmas advert depicts the diversity in how different people and families prepare for, and celebrate the holidays. 

The parallel is drawn between the broad range of preferences amongst the population when it comes to Christmas and the broad range of products that Lidl offers.

The strategy seems to boil down to question, and answer. 

Lidl have marketed themselves as the business that can offer something to everyone with the tagline –

“a Christmas you can believe in”

Whatever you need, Lidl can supply – and of course, the company promises great quality for a low cost – exactly what you want when you’re needing to feed your entire extended family.

All In All…

Christmas provides a perfect opportunity to get creative with your marketing campaigns. Perhaps black Friday has supplied you with some fresh faces for your mailing list, so take advantage.

Christmas marketing campaigns are the ideal place to show people what you’re about and what you can offer. We love the above campaigns because they do just that, and incite a feeling of unity, comfort, and happiness!

Christmas can be exciting and a time to try new things. These campaigns demonstrate how you can create an active relationship with your audience through your marketing.

On the other hand, Christmas can be stressful. Most of these businesses are effective in having created campaigns that promise reliability.


So go on and be merry! Just don’t get too Christmas crazy and forget to market your product. Everyone knows what Christmas looks like but not everyone knows what your business looks like… yet. 

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