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Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

As we look to embrace a new year with open arms, welcoming in fresh and improved strategies for marketing campaigns is just as important. Email marketing campaigns, more specifically, are going to be a definite trend for 2021, and it is vital that you are equipped to benefit from it.

Our role as a digital marketing agency in London is to help you stay updated with tips and tricks that you can implement to ensure your 2021 email marketing campaigns are out of this world. 

While lockdowns and different tiers continue to spiral around us, people remain inside and online. Therefore, email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience right now and capitalise on its potential.

Are you wondering ‘where do I even begin?’ Keep on reading to discover the best tips to improve your email marketing this year and make the most of the current “normal”!

Personalisation And Originality Will Be Appreciated

People get inundated with emails daily, so if you want to stick out, you have to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be authentic. First of all, individualising your emails is extremely important. If your customer receives an email personally directed to them, they are more likely to pay attention and read through to the end.

The same thing goes for being original in your content. While it is good to draw inspiration from other brands similar to yours, receiving carbon copies from different businesses will not help customers. There won’t be any inspiration for them to act on that email.

Finding authenticity can be done through images, text, colours, font, etc. The way you present your email campaigns and how they are directed to your audience is critical in achieving success.

Keep Track Of Your Email Marketing Metrics

It’s all well and good to strategise and send out some of the best emails you’ve ever created before, but if you are not keeping track of the data, there is no way for you to continue improving.

Tracking metrics may sound like an obvious point, but it can be easy to get distracted by everything else and completely forget to analyse your metrics. The essential data to keep track of includes your click-through rates, email open rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, and the campaign’s ROI. These figures will guide your next campaign by doing more of what worked and less of what was not well received.

Ensure Your Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

This is extremely important. Most people check their emails and social media platforms on their phones multiple times a day. If your email lands up in their inbox but cannot be adequately seen or read on a mobile screen, you are going to lose a lot of interest. 

In addition to this, creating a user-friendly design and using an easy-to-read font will be in your favour. Customers want speedy results that are worth their time and if this is not the case, your unsubscriber list can proliferate.

To avoid losing your customers’ interests, make it a priority to get your emails mobile-friendly while remaining interactive, user-friendly, catchy, and informative.

Create Bold CTAs

Your CTAs are your most valuable part of the email. If you are not making these very clear and bold, you will be missing out on potential conversions.

Often people prefer having direction or guidance. If there are no obvious CTAs, the customers can feel confused or uncertain about what they should do next. Think of it like you are doing your customers a favour! Even if they do not end up clicking through, you can rest assured that you’ve made your CTA loud and clear.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be solely for purchase CTAs. These can include CTAs to phone you, visit your website, or even fill in a form. The important thing is that you make your aim clear.

Audience Segmentation Will Be Your Best Friend

Not every single customer is at the same point in their journey and therefore have different requirements. Considering this, segmenting your audience into various groups based on needs, existing customers, new customers, etc., will benefit you in the long run.

For example, an existing customer will not benefit from a discount code available for all first-time purchasers. Similarly, a new customer will not be interested in joining a loyalty program, as they haven’t ever interacted with your business before.

These points are useful when segmenting your audience and creating campaigns targeting their different needs.

Choose An Optimal Time Of Day To Send Your Emails

While you may have your audience list sorted and your content prepared, knowing when the perfect time to send out your email is another factor that will contribute to an effective campaign.

Sending out emails during the workday, while most people are certain to have their emails nearby, is an excellent place to start. Once you begin collecting your data as well, you can pick up patterns and determine when the email open rate is highest. From here, you can start to schedule your emails to send through at those times. Although this data will take a bit of time to gather, it will be well worth it!

Email marketing is certainly not a new trend, however, the opportunities it offers now are unlike any before and they are ever-evolving.

2021 is the year to make use of email marketing campaigns in the best way possible. Take these tips and apply them once you start creating your campaigns. You have nothing to lose!