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The Good Marketer Opens 2022 With a Five-Star Clutch Review

The first rule of marketing is to make a good first impression. This saying seems to hold true with calendar years as well because we couldn’t have asked for a better start to our 2022 than having a five-star review.

5-Star Review

This is a great start to our year and we can’t thank our clients enough for their effort in writing this review on our behalf. Not only will it help build our reputation in the industry, but it will also draw attention from other platforms that can spread our names elsewhere.

One of the possibilities that we’re currently looking at is the top 100 list of the B2B website Top Design Firms. Their platform routinely showcases ranked lists of the best businesses in every industry. We still have some ways to go before getting recognized. But we believe we can achieve it with the support of our clients.

This particular review concerns an online home accessories retailer that needed help with their marketing, branding, and social media advertising efforts. They decided to partner with our team after discovering us online and liking how we presented the company and our services.

The client pretty much handed us the keys to their Facebook, Instagram, and Google accounts. We were also given the green light to launch and manage their monthly campaigns. Essentially leaving the marketing fate of their business primarily in our team’s hands.

This put pressure on us to do well as it wasn’t just our success and reputation on the line, but theirs as well. We wanted to repay the trust they gave our team and ensure that their well taken care of in terms of their marketing and advertising ROI.

Fortunately, thanks to our combined efforts, the client saw steady growth in terms of both sales and SERP rankings. They are now on the first page on some of their keywords and we’re doing our utmost to ensure that they stay there.

This is the kind of service we want to deliver to all our clients. All we need is the opportunity to prove our worth and we will deliver the best results possible. If this is the kind of partner you want for your next project, don’t wait another minute and get in touch with us. Discover what five-star service looks like. You’ll get exactly what you’re looking for when you get The Good Marketer.