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Lucie Price

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My First Month At The Good Marketer

Joining a new company, no matter how many times you do it, is always going to be daunting.

But, put simply, The Good Marketer (TGM) makes it easier than most. A month into my role as Senior Account Executive, I’ve been to Spain, enjoyed a Pride Party and made the jump from colleagues to friends quicker than I thought possible.

Here is the journey so far.

Malaga, Pride Parties and the Little Things

The first thing you notice at The Good Marketer is the emphasis on company culture. I am very much of the opinion that I want work to be enjoyable, and anywhere I spend this amount of time needs to be a space where I feel comfortable, valued and that I’m part of a business that’s true to its values.

The Good Marketer runs on this premise.

At TGM, positive work culture means more than Thursday night drinks and generic company team building. For TGM, a strong work culture means a genuine and consistent effort to improve the company experience for everyone.

Yes, the four-day company-wide trip to Malaga, made up of cocktails, banana boats and tapas, plays its part. As does finishing work early to enjoy the company’s Pride Party. Or the monthly activities to places like Topgolf, Bouldering, or the one I’m most looking forward to… Go Ape.

But what The Good Marketer does particularly well is the little things. It’s the music in the office and the health care plan covering physical and mental health. It’s the offer of free plants to brighten your work-from-home environment, the ability to spend a month a year working abroad and the day-to-day support of a team whose encouragement extends beyond that of their job description.

Youth ≠ Inexperience

The Good Marketer has a relatively young team – but young does not mean inexperienced, and I’ve discovered that there are plenty of people for me to learn from within the company. And, with an unlimited training budget, I’ve been encouraged to keep learning.

Some find it hard to see how vibrant company culture, a youthful team, and a productive work-life go hand in hand. But, in the world of digital marketing, youth does not mean inexperience. Within ‘The Good Marketer,’ there’s abundant knowledge to draw from within the team, and that pool of knowledge is only ever-growing. Every employee receives an unlimited training budget, allowing each team member to self-educate, choose their expertise, and explore new directions. Proactively learning is welcomed and rewarded, and the role you enter into does not set your path in stone.

As a Senior Account Executive, I am encouraged to work towards a speciality. Personally, I enjoy all things Google, and am hoping to work towards a role that lets me spend more time around data, and client management.

However, a well-rounded knowledge of marketing is essential. As such, my first three months feature an extensive 12-week training program, covering everything from SEO to Google Shopping to Meta, which ensures all employees are above and beyond where they need to be to help any client succeed.

Transparency Is A Core Value

The Good Marketer has four core values: Transparency, Proactiveness, Flexibility and Value-Driven. The value I would like to focus on is the former. In my experience, transparency is often overlooked within businesses, and discussing topics such as salary and progression can quickly foster feelings of discomfort. It is because of this that I find The Good Marketer so refreshing.

At TGM, these conversations start on day one. Salary ranges are displayed during the onboarding presentation, and dates surrounding progression plan reviews are clearly defined. Whilst The Good Marketer does well at achieving all four of its core values, the level of transparency has gone above and beyond what I had come to expect from a new role.

To Conclude…

My first month at The Good Marketer not only exceeded expectations but raised the bar of values I will seek out throughout my working career. The people are kind, the role is enjoyable and I feel happy here.

I have been encouraged to learn, and rewarded for doing so. I am looking forward to seeing where my next few months at The Good Marketer will take me!