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Lucy Stammers

Lucy Stammers

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Make The Most Of Social Media As We Come To Christmas

After the year we’ve had, successful marketing campaigns are particularly important for small businesses this Christmas. With restrictions preventing shops from opening and customers from going shopping, having a strong online presence has been especially crucial this year. From PPC to SEO and social media advertising, you are probably already implementing digital marketing strategies for your business this Christmas to drive as much traffic to our site to achieve conversions. But, with new algorithms making shopping via social platforms easier than ever before, this year you may want to consider putting extra time and efforts into your social media advertising

Therefore, we thought we would give you some top tips for making the most out of your social media in the run up to Christmas this year to help you strengthen your strategy and bring in the most revenue possible. 

Christmas Gift Guide 

Despite some people already having gift lists, so many people struggle to think of gift ideas for family, friends and colleagues at Christmas, so why not create a Christmas gift guide as part of your social media campaign. There are so many ways to execute this, including: 

  • Using Instagram and Facebook stories. You can pin the stories to your story highlights as you post them, so your users can revisit the story another day. Stories on these social channels also allows you to use the swipe up feature that will take followers straight to the correct product pages that you’re advertising in your stories. 
  • Facebook shops – This allows you to feature your products on both Instagram and Facebook, which enables your followers to buy directly through your social platforms.
  • Gift guide on your website – Whether you choose to do this through a blog post or as a dedicated section on your site, pick out a few products from each of your collections/categories. You can even group them according to the intended recipient, such as kids, him, her, grandparents and couples. From here, you can then write social media posts that you can post in the run-up to Christmas that link to different sections on your site. 

Shout Festivity From Your Profile 

Add sparkle to your social media platforms this festive season by transforming your profiles. From adding snowflakes to your stories and pictures to adding a Santa hat to your profile logo, there are a number of ways that you can shout festivity from your profile. You can also pin a Christmas post at the top of your page, which will allow your users to get in the holiday spirit too! 

Check Your Competitors 

When checking what your competitors are doing this time of year, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How are they engaging with their users on social media? 
  • Are they involved with any charities? 
  • Are they running any competitions for their customers? 

By thinking about these questions as you conduct your research, you will get a better overview of your competition and determine whether you are doing enough with your Christmas campaign. 

Festive Content 

Make sure that you create visual content for your social channels that have a festive theme, but also speak about your brand values. Try to still maintain consistency the best you can across your platforms, even when creating Christmas posts. Add colours into your colour palette that are associated with Christmas, such as gold, green and red. You could even do an advent calendar campaign, where you post a video or photo of the date and then behind the calendars’ door is either a giveaway prize to be won or a gift idea. 

There are so many things you can do with your social media campaign on the run up to Christmas, so get as creative as you can to engage your audience over this busy and important period for your business.