How To Generate Leads With Your Digital Marketing
Tom Welbourne

Tom Welbourne

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How To Generate Leads With Your Digital Marketing

For small businesses, generating leads can seem like a daunting and sometimes unachievable ask from clients.

Being able to initiate consumer interest for your clients/business is vital in growing the customer base and company as a whole, so generating leads is something every marketer should look to improve on!

But how do you generate leads with digital marketing strategies? Not all tools are effective in generating the quality leads you want but fear not, we have a few ideas that will please both you and your clients!

Social Media

To generate any possible leads, you must first put yourself out there and expose yourself to the customer base. This is where social media comes in – transparent exposure on a global scale. Not only do social media platforms raise your brand awareness with their easy accessibility and grand scale but social media also allow brands to engage with their audience on a human level and the highest quality of leads can be created this way.

The intimacy of social media can really allow your brand to create a relationship with possible customers, with opportunities for customers to see behind the scenes, comment on posts and message the business directly, there is a new level of trust between the client and the potential lead.

However, it’s important to note that not all content works across all social media channels – to effectively generate good quality leads you want to ensure that you tailor your messages to the correct audience on each platform. This will increase workload as you alter the message to each site but it will ensure trusted human communication with potential leads and you will see a higher close rate this way.

Email Marketing

Trusty email marketing has been around for a while and we’ve not had enough of it just yet. When it comes to lead generation, there are a few aspects of email marketing that we can’t get enough of.

No matter what email marketing platform you use, there will be data tools that can help you more precisely target the correct leads. The analytics provided by your email marketing platform may seem confusing on first glance but they can be very useful in securing leads that could easily get away. Similarly to social media, email marketing is crucial for staying in touch with your customers through actual human communication, allowing the potential lead to feel close to the business.

An important tip for email marketing is ensuring that all emails contain a bold call to action, this provides the potential lead with a clear path to engage with the client directly.

You can also utilize the audience segmentation provided by the email marketing platform to your advantage. We stick by tailoring your marketing communications to the correct audience so instead of sending the same old email template to your entire address book, use the audience segments that your email marketing platforms provide and send tailored emails to each segment. For example, one email could target customers who came close to making an enquiry with the subject line ‘You Came So Close! How Can We Help?’.

Website Optimization

Your website is the equivalent to a shop window, with the current attention span of internet users, you need to engage the potential customer with what you have to offer in seconds otherwise they won’t even enter the shop. It may not be the most obvious Digital Marketing technique for generating leads but an efficient and optimized website could convert one-time visitors into potential leads.

A properly optimized website can convert 1-5% of your site visitors into successful leads according to LeadForensics which is great return when you think about the daily work that needs to go into the upkeep of the site.

Depending on the theme of the business, website aesthetic isn’t always the most important aspect when trying to generate leads, one of the most desired traits in a website from a users perspective is whether it’s easy to navigate. Having an easy to use website will increase the speed of generating leads as it prevents visitors from getting frustrated that they can’t find prices or a contact form. The key to a successful website is making it as easy for visitors to convert as possible, prime lead generation opportunity.

Content Marketing

According to a DemandGen report, 47 per cent of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. This stat alone justifies the worth of content marketing and proves how creating authentic, valuable content can generate quality leads for your business.

Whether it’s writing blog posts, producing downloadable e-books or even creating your own Instagram memes – all of this unique content will raise awareness for your brand and even has the chance of going global or talked about in the industry.

This generation loves to help themselves, so make content that makes everything easy for them. The majority of your leads will stem from your customers seeking the information that traditionally sales reps would have given them but instead they prefer to find out what they need to know by themselves until the last few stages of the transaction. Therefore making an FAQ guide or case studies on what it is you offer will enable the more independent customers to identify how your services can benefit them before they make the effort to reach out to you.

As always, this content is useless if it’s not promoted using existing online marketing tools such as SEO and social media, make sure you get that reach and let people find the lead generating content you have produced!


It is evident how crucial generating successful leads is to your client or business and with these four tips, you may just make your digital marketing strategy that little bit easier!

If you want to learn more about lead generation via digital marketing, then book a call with one of our Digital Marketing experts here.

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