The Challenge

Edwards Removals is one of London’s most prestigious removal companies offering accredited, high value removals and storage services. With over three decades of experience, the Edwards team has a wealth of experience in all aspects of local and international removals, including export packing, storage solutions and specialist removal services for high-value items, such as fine art and pianos. 

When they approached us, the business had been dormant for a few years and needed a fresh new site that would reflect changing consumer habits in the industry as well as their improved offering. Edwards Removals were looking for an agency who could not only manage their website design and build process but also provide Google PPC management and an ongoing SEO strategy.

The challenge for this project was to refresh the Edwards Removals brand so that it felt contemporary but still paid homage to the brand’s long-standing heritage, and creating a site that had the right functionality for users to submit their unique requirements. 

The Solution

Our first step was to host a Discovery Call in which our content and development team sat down with the client to discuss their requirements. We covered everything from their target market to visual inspiration, as well as functionality, tone of voice and the scope of work.

Once we had conducted relevant research and discussed with the client their requirements, we got started with the design mock up process. The new design featured testimonials, a client logo block, as well as a new contact form for users to submit their enquiries. We placed particular emphasis on the design and placement of the contact form as this was a key element through which all new business enquiries would be generated. We designed the form to give customers an option to provide as much information as possible, enabling Edwards Removals to be able to provide highly relevant responses to the enquiries. 

To enhance the social proof element of the site, we also included a Trustpilot block that directly linked to the client’s Trustpilot page. This feature, combined with customer testimonials and logos from previous clients was designed to build trust with the user and ultimately increase conversions on the site.

By building mockups of the homepage and a model service page, we were able to provide Edwards Removals with a preview of the design that they could feed back on. This is an important stage in the design process as it reduces amend requirements after the development stage. 

Alongside the design process, we got to work on the content for the site. This was an important element from a user engagement perspective as well as an SEO perspective. To ensure we maximised organic visibility, we conducted keyword research that helped us to identify the most relevant keywords for the business. We also introduced individual pages for North, South, East, West and Central London to increase visibility for all these search terms and target specific locations within each of these areas of London

From a user experience perspective, the on-page content captured the brand’s TOV in a way that was both informative and engaging, establishing Edwards Removals as an authority within the removals industry. 

Since the website has launched, we are now in the process of executing our ongoing digital strategy which involves driving the business forward with Google Search and SEO services. These traffic-driving services will enable the business to further benefit from the new website. 


By updating both the website visuals as well as its functionality, we were able to create a smooth user experience and a strong foundation for future changes as the business continues to grow. With a view to begin paid advertising, the website was optimised for conversion opportunities as well as informative content that will educate new audiences.

All the content on the website is now optimised for SEO, while a combination of images and graphic elements provides an engaging user experience that encourages users to interact with the site.