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Dean Dhanraj

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The Future Of Personalised Marketing

Traditional personalisation techniques are a thing of the past, and the future is all about relevance to the end customer.

So what are the new ways marketing agencies are personalising their digital marketing efforts?

What Is Personalisation?

I’m sure we all know that products and services need to be relevant to your customers, and it may seem like a straightforward solution, but if it works, stick with it. You want to enter a two-way dialogue with your intended audience so that you both learn from one another.

Sending emails addressed with the corrected names attached may seem quite basic. Still, it makes a difference because sending an email promotion to Steven, the builder, about a sale in women’s fashion isn’t going to help your brand stand out in the way you want.

How Is It Essential To eCommerce?

As previously mentioned, personalisation is all about learning, a two-way interaction for both parties to get familiar with each other. But with regards to the marketing agency, is it an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insight into your customers through their engagement with your brand. This is all so that your brand can offer a better-tailored experience. 

Learning about how audiences view your brand, their behaviours, and preferences intends to enhance the customer experience. Personalised to the customer is what’s going to make your brand stand out from the competition. 

What Does This Mean For The Customer?

Customers can find a solution to their needs from the abundance of brands online nowadays. 

So what is it that makes a business stand out from the ever-growing competition?

Well, paired with the core service or product you offer, it can also recognise understanding them. Delivering appropriate massaging at the right time because everyone ones to be listened to and knowing the right time to approach someone with the correct message can showcase a brand’s attentiveness to their audience. 

Consistency is vital. By reinforcing the appropriate messages at the right time, customers are more likely to build loyalty with those particular brands. As a result, the customer experience improves as the messaging is personalised and relevant to what they need. Why would they look elsewhere when you have what they need and have a growing relationship already established.   

In summary, personalisation is essential for both the marketing agencies as well as the customers. It’s all about building an understanding for both parties.

Also, don’t overthink things when a simple strategy can work out better than something overbearing to the customer. 

Customers want to have a relationship with the brands they interact with and receive appropriate messaging but only at the right time. Building brand loyalty and trust benefit everyone, so work with your audience, not against them.