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Retro Kids

Retro Kids

Retro Kids Case Study Find out how The Good Marketer helped Retro Kids significantly improve their ROAS over the Christmas period, reduced the CPA by a third and achieved a huge increase in reach on Facebook. 0 % Increase in sales from the final 3 months of 2020 compared to the previous period 0 % …

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Prospect Research

Prospect Research Case Study Find out how The Good Marketer helped Prospect Research achieve a 69% Impression Share across campaigns, reduce the cost per lead by 72% and generate a conversion rate of 22%.  0 % Achieved an aggregated Top of Page Rate of 75.51% across all Google advertising campaigns 0 % Drove an average …

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Swimming Nature on Mac

Swimming Nature

Swimming Nature Case Study Find out how The Good Marketer managed to decrease the Cost-Per-Conversion, increase online interaction and almost quadruple the Conversion Rate in a year of lockdowns.  0 % Achieved a 71% decrease in the CPC, bringing it to just £5.03 £ 5000 Generated revenue of £10,154 from 28 purchases through Paid Search …

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Disrepair Helpline

Disrepair Helpline Case Study Find out how The Good Marketer helped Disrepair Helpline generate over 530 conversions in less than 6 months whilst achieving a 7.87% conversion rate. 1 Conversions Generated. 1 % Overall Conversion Rate. £ 1 Average Cost Per Conversion. The Challenge Disrepair Helpline is a claims management company that specialises in housing …

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