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Increase in Lead Generation within 6 months.

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New leads generated by Facebook Advertising.

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Overall Click Through Rate achieved from Facebook Advertising.

The Challenge

YrPod is a UK based manufacturer of Glamping pods and Garden rooms. Each product is handmade to order, allowing customers to tailor the design and finish to suit their needs. Every customer receives a fully bespoke design service, making them the go-to destination for bespoke outdoor buildings. 

When YrPod came to us in April 2020, they were looking to increase brand awareness and start utilising social media advertising with the expertise of an agency. We established an integrated marketing strategy combining Facebook Advertising with Email Marketing. As a result, YrPod saw 120 new enquiries and £70K in revenue within the first 2 months.

Moving forward from this initial stage, we worked to improve the performance of Paid Social ads further and optimise their website for SEO to increase traffic and brand awareness.

The challenges that we faced in the first 6 months were:

  • Maintaining a stable Cost per Lead across our Facebook advertising campaigns due to turbulent customer behaviour and changing demand.

  • Fluctuations in CPM due to iOS14 changes and a changing consumer landscape following COVID-19.

  • At the beginning of the year, we identified a lack of video content when remaining relevant to new and existing customers was more important than ever.



During the first 6 months, our strategy relied on interest targeting due to YrPod being new to the garden building market. We split customers into two categories: those looking to purchase from a business or “work from home” perspective and those looking to purchase from a lifestyle perspective. 

After dividing our audience, we were able to tailor our ad copy accordingly, along with the accompanying landing page that we created and managed. The success of this interest-based campaign resulted in a low cost per lead of £6.50, which was one of our main KPIs for this period.

We have since expanded our Facebook campaigns to customers further down the conversion funnel and into new B2B markets such as glamping and holiday parks. As YrPod continues to grow rapidly as a business, sales are set to double to over £800K, and the internal team continues to grow from just 2 to over 10. 

The continued success of our Facebook advertising over the past 6 months is a result of new targeting and optimised ad copy and creative. We have endeavoured to capture the essence of the brand and how the products enhance the lives of their customers more dynamically.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided new challenges and made it essential to keep ad copy relevant and reflect the customers’ needs at this time. We created new tailored copy that targeted new behaviours such as spending more time at home and having spare income to invest in the home.

We focused on the customer mindset within Spring and summer seasons, tailoring the copy to reflect making the most of the garden in the warmer months. These optimisations resulted in an impressive CTR of 5.11% over the 6 months.

To continue this success rate, we guided the client on the style of content we required to maintain a healthy volume of leads at a low cost. For example, we crafted the copy in the video to reflect the USP of the brand and then built trust by showing the owner of the business, followed by his previous work.

This optimised creative and copy culminated in 118 leads last month from £1400 ad spend. Each month, the total leads continue to rise as YrPod can use the increased revenue to grow the business.


YrPod wanted to build on their success running paid social media ads with improvements to their website’s functionality and user experience. The site’s functionality was no longer serving the business’s needs, and they wanted to create a more professional design. Having had two website rebuilds in the past two years, YrPod wanted our expertise to build a future-proof site with a classic style that could easily be updated.

We transformed the look and functionality of their site, creating a bespoke design that increased the site’s overall function and improved user experience. A new calculator function provides customers with a tailored service by allowing website visitors to calculate the cost and affordability of their requirements. 

The main challenge the client now regularly faces is responding to the volume of enquiries.

To maximise SEO performance, we carried out extensive keyword research to create optimised copy across the site. By creating new pages capitalising on keywords related to ‘Glamping Pods’, we were able to expand YrPod’s appeal to a broad audience, including business owners, those looking to furnish their outdoor spaces and create a unique space in their garden..

We then created a new page for ‘Bespoke Garden Buildings’ to capitalise on YrPod’s central USP of providing completely customisable garden buildings. The success of these efforts was reflected when we were able to capture Page #1 position for the keyword ‘Bespoke Pods’. We continued to expand this by creating new pages, including ‘Garden Office’ and ‘Garden Rooms’.

This has expanded to drive the business forward with localised pages targeting influential and beneficial cities like Essex, London, Hertfordshire and beyond. These pages have attracted traffic from localised searches and allowed the business to refine where their customers are coming from to harness the locations serving them best.

Email Marketing

We focussed our email marketing efforts on nurturing leads, introducing a three-stage welcome flow sent to new leads offering a detailed introduction to the brand, the products available and driving recipients to submit an enquiry.

Over 6 months, we have driven the following results:

  • 1.87K emails received.
  • An Average Open Rate of 52.3%.
  • Average Click Rate of 15.9%.
  • 668 forms filled out.

The Results

In the past 6 months working with YrPod we have:

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