The Challenge

Yr Pod is a family-run business that designs, builds, and installs high-quality garden buildings around the UK. The Good Marketer has been working with Yr Pod since April 2020, having launched and established the brand on Facebook & Instagram utilising Paid Social advertising. In just two months, we were able to completely transform the business, generating over £70,000 in revenue and over 120 enquiries. Since then, Yr Pod has continued to prosper. 

Having seen such rapid growth, the company now needed to update its website. The functionality of the site was no longer serving the business’s needs and they wanted to create a more professional design. Having had two website rebuilds in the past two years, it was important that this version was future-proof with a classic style that could easily be updated.

During our conversations with the client, we identified the following key objectives: 

  • Update the website visuals to create a more sophisticated look 
  • Add engaging images to qualify traffic and showcase the product 
  • Include additional functionality to make pages interactive
  • Optimise the website for SEO by improving the structure and introducing new content
YrPod website

The Solution

We carried out a design and research meeting with the client to find out what he liked about his current site and what he liked about competitors. We wanted to understand what kind of functionality would streamline the business; for example, one of the common issues Yr Pod was facing was they were spending too much time on drafting quotes for customers. 

To resolve this, we implemented a bespoke calculator which allows people to get an idea of pricing and qualify them before they got in touch. This has not only improved lead quality but made the business more efficient.

Starting with the homepage, we focused on rebuilding the site in a way that allowed us to introduce new categories and sections such as collection pages to improve visibility in the SERPs. These changes gave the website more of a clear structure, unlike the previous design, and by updating the functionality of the website, it allows us to add new products in the future with ease. By updating the functionality of the website, we also made it easier to create more engagement points for customers, such as the calculator. 

The site’s improved functionality makes it easy to adapt in the future and the clear structure established a quality foundation for SEO as well as CRO. To make sure Yr Pod saw immediate benefit from the new website, we made sure to control the most important aspects of on page optimisation, such as the copy in the meta titles and descriptions. We wanted the company to be able to continue to improve their SEO as they build their site, so we provided this copy as a template for our developer to work into the design.

To maximise SEO performance, we then used keyword research to create optimised copy across the site. When we took on the site, it was heavily focused on B2C products; however, this approach was excluding the opportunities in the B2B market. For example, Yr Pod’s offering of unique outdoor living spaces has a broad appeal within the growing glamping and Airbnb market. 

By creating new pages capitalising on keywords related to ‘Glamping Pods,’ we were able to expand Yr Pod’s appeal to business owners. We then created a new page for ‘Bespoke Garden Buildings’ to capitalise on Yr Pod’s central USP of providing completely customisable garden buildings. The success of these efforts was reflected when we were able to capture Page #1 position for the keyword ‘Bespoke Pods’. We are continuing to expand this by creating new pages, including ‘Garden Office’ and ‘Garden Rooms’.

Consequently, since the website has launched, we are now in the process of executing our ongoing 3-month strategy which involves driving the business forward with localised landing pages in cities such as Essex and London, but also Hertfordshire and beyond! These pages will attract traffic from localised searches and allow the business to refine where their customers are coming from.

Website Optimisations

  • We updated the website visuals to create a new, modern design that is a better representation of the brand and the services they offer.
  • New visual elements provide easy-to-follow narratives of the design process.
  • Images of previous projects are now integrated into the design of the homepage. By accompanying the images with the contact point, we were able to establish a strong point of conversion.
  • The new calculator function provides customers with a tailored service by allowing website visitors to calculate the cost and affordability of their requirements.


By updating both the functional capacity as well as the website visuals, we were able to improve the user experience and create a strong foundation for future changes. 

All the content on the website in particular is now carefully considered to provide Yr Pod immediate benefit in terms of SEO ranking and conversion opportunities. The combination of images and graphic elements create an engaging user experience that promotes the customisable element that makes Yr Pod unique.

yrpod website white background