1 K

Followers gained on TikTok across a 3 month period.

1 M

Views generated by our best-performing TikTok

0 K

Total likes across our posts for the watch brand.

The Challenge

We were approached to work with a well-known watch company and their sister brand to help build up both their presences on TikTok.  When we took them on, one account had a few posts and followers slowly trickling in. This was partly due to other accounts tagging the brand in viral TikToks despite their lack of presence. The sister brand had no account at all, so we were working with one totally clean slate and another that had made small progress. 

During our initial analysis, we identified the following key challenges:

  • While the watch company already had a strong brand and audience and was generating high-quality content, there was a lack of strategy around the social platform itself.
  • The brand wasn’t utilising things like trending sounds or TikTok best-practices.
  • For the sister brand, the challenge was that the account was being built from scratch and there was far less budget for boosting posts.
  • Both brands wanted to utilise influencers to generate content but there was a lack of time & understanding about how best to approach this.


    Social Media Management

    To begin to elevate both businesses’ presence on TikTok and gain brand awareness through the platform, we needed to create content that would generate views and traffic to the page. For the watch company, we worked on producing a content calendar which combined influencer content with in-house content, aligning with trends as well as key dates and promotions for the brand. We also created an influencer matrix, sourcing opportunities for influencers with a range of follower sizes that we felt would be a good fit for the brand, focusing on matching up influencer niches with brand USPs. 

    For the sister company, we were growing the account from scratch so we needed to find a way to build up engaging content quickly. This was important to create a portfolio of content for users to engage with as well as a channel that influencers would want to partner with. To achieve this, we went through the TikTok platform and searched for people using branded hashtags and started repurposing the User Generated Content (UGC) alongside our in-house content. 

    We also created a separate influencer matrix for the sister brand with the same rationale as for the main watch brand. This enabled us to keep track of relevant influencers and all of our outreach activity. 

    We then implemented a budget for boosted posts having observed that the algorithm uses boosting as an important factor for account growth. This proved highly effective for the watch brand whose following we managed to grow to 50K in just over 3 months.  With the sister brand, we also utilised boosting but with a far smaller budget and grew the account to 1.6K followers in 2 months. 

    The Results

    During this partnership, we have been able to: