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Increase in lead generation across our PPC campaigns.

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Conversion rate after 3 months of advertising

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Decrease in CPL as a result of our Google advertising.

The Challenge

Viton Transport is a logistics company based in Manchester that specialises in same day or next day delivery services. They pride themselves on their efficiency and quickness, offering a quote within 15 minutes and a collection within 45 minutes. With vehicles of all sizes, from small vans to articulated trucks, Viton Transport has a diverse offering that provides shipping across the UK and the EU.

Viton Transport approached The Good Marketer due to the previous success they had identified in our work for an international freight forwarding company. They wanted to improve the quality of leads driven by their marketing efforts, and boost their online presence in a highly competitive industry.

During our initial analysis, we identified several key challenges, including:

  • An abundance of irrelevant leads from their current marketing efforts, resulting in wasted ad spend and laborious, time-consuming qualifying processes.
  • An ineffective marketing strategy resulting in little to no online presence.
  • The need to compete against huge competitors for market share in a mature industry.


    Google Advertising

    As the freight forwarding industry is highly competitive, and Viton Transport had little to no success with their previous marketing efforts, we decided to build a niche-specific digital marketing strategy focusing on several core services such as pallet deliveries, Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) transport, and ADR goods deliveries. Considering our previous success in building a profitable PPC advertising strategy for a B2B freight forwarding company, we understood that this channel would be the most appropriate to generate high-quality, relevant leads from in-market audiences.

    From the outset, we knew that the right keywords would be vital to building a cost-effective strategy, considering the competition within the B2B advertising market and the existing competitors already bidding on these keywords. By focusing on the core services that Viton Transport provided, we were able to carry out audience and competitor research which identified gaps in their strategy, niches we could fill, and the most effective ads already taking up space on SERPs. 

    We created brand-specific copy to communicate these services to relevant audiences, as we took the time to understand and build an audience persona in order to ensure our ads were as attention-grabbing as possible. We also created dedicated landing pages which were unique to each of these core services, to streamline the customer journey once they’d clicked on our ads, while simultaneously ensuring we were qualifying these leads as much as possible before they submitted an enquiry. Segmenting our PPC structure into root keywords for these core services also meant that we could more accurately monitor search terms once the campaigns were live. 

    Once our Google Search campaigns were live and generating results, we carried out regular search term reviews to reduce wasted spend on any irrelevant keywords and increase the quality of traffic. We also analysed the effectiveness of the ads themselves, monitoring engagement to determine the top-performing ads and adjusting our ad copy to meet consumer demand. 

    By streamlining the customer acquisition process, we were able to increase the closing rate of leads. The proactive adjustments made to our campaigns resulted in 200% more leads during the latter half of the first 6 months of our partnership with Viton Transport, with a CTR of 6.38% across campaigns.

    By building a streamlined system that increased conversions, we have been able to build a PPC marketing strategy with a strong foundation that would go on to generate 336 high-quality leads within the 6 months that we have been working with Viton Transport.

    The Results

    After six months of working with Viton Transport, we have: