The Challenge

Vicky Lashes offers a unique product line of false lashes and accessories for customers in search of something that will suit their unique eye shape and colour. Since launching in 2017 in London, they have extended their reach globally but continued to market their products to cost conscious and style savvy women who care about their appearance and want to stand out from the crowd.

The brand approached The Good Marketer, wanting to improve the look of their website as well as re-introduce Facebook and Instagram ads which they had tried previously but hadn’t seen the results they wanted. The brand had been advised previously to invest in CRO optimisation but these costly changes had made no difference to the conversion rate. 

During our initial conversations with the client, we identified three key objectives: 

  • Improve the look and feel of the brand to drive sales.
  • Relaunch the brand’s website to ensure the visual branding reflected the quality of the products.
  • Focus on building the Vicky Lashes brand in a way that was more appealing to a young target audience.

The Solution

We began by moving the e-commerce platform of the website from Magento to Shopify to make the website changes more effective. In order to upgrade the branding and prioritise the product, we changed the brand name from YouBlue to Vicky Lashes and ensured the brand look and feel was more representative and appealing to its target audience. 

We selected a theme for the site based on a selection of competitor sites that the client wanted to take inspiration from as well as what we felt was the best fit for what the client wanted to achieve. 

Website Optimisations

To improve the look of the website, we implemented a cohesive pastel colour palette across the site. These shades of pink and lilac attract a young feminine audience and also compliment the product images. 

By organising the homepage by Collections and Best Sellers, we were able to direct customers towards the brand’s unique product collections as well as the more day-to-day wear lashes. 

The menu options are now easy to navigate, with the ‘Shop’ sector expanding into ready-to-shop collections. 

The unique discount wheel feature that appears upon arrival to the site entices customers into entering their email address, which can then be used for retargeted email and social media marketing. The simple colour scheme in this graphic maintains the cohesive visual branding.


In a four-week turnaround, we were able to make changes to the website that established a clear and more upmarket brand identity. We improved the usability of the site through structural optimisations and have developed a highly functional website that provides a strong foundation for building brand awareness.

Having changed the website to run with Shopify, the changes were able to be made smoothly and all changes were communicated with the client to ensure we chose the best solution to meet their needs.