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Attained a ROAS of 3.60 in three months.

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Achieved an average click-through rate of 3.37%.

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Generated £20,000+ in sales from a low ad spend.

The Challenge

Trepadora is a unique hair care brand dedicated to caring for hard to work with curly hair. Their focus is on using natural products to protect the hair, as well as having a product range that is completely Vegan. They already have a loyal, enthusiastic customer base for the brand, and our job was to build on this further through online advertising. 

As the client had never ventured into Facebook Advertising before, we took on the challenge of building the account from scratch, so we wanted to make sure that we gave the client a strong and stable account ready for scaling further following the initial 3 month period. One that gave the client valuable ROI and has a positive impact on the business. 

During our time working together:

  • Through competitor research, we discovered how critical social proof within the copy was going to be, particularly as we were trying to build brand awareness on an unexplored channel.
  • We had to think outside the box and consider interests that competitors wouldn’t have covered to gain more traction.
  • We needed to investigate which types of creative worked best for our target audience.
Trepadora On Side Mac


To kick off campaigns successfully, we conducted thorough competitor research to further refine Trepadora’s niche and finetune how we conveyed that through the messaging. To directly address the challenge of being a new brand on a new platform, we knew we had to harness social proof within our copy. However, we also recognised that to build brand awareness we needed to be providing value to the user with our ads. 

We designed compelling copy by identifying the problem (hard to work with curly hair) and introducing a solution to the consumer (Trepadora’s range of products), highlighting the USPs of the brand, such as being all natural, Vegan and designed specifically for curly hair. 

Next, we had to consider the creative. We steered away from product imagery on this occasion and directed the client on producing ‘before and after’ videos so that the customer could see evidence of the quality of the products, which ultimately bolstered social proof. 

We also recommended that the client leveraged influencer content, asking online influencers to review and recommend the products. As well as the ‘before and after’ video creative, we also promoted tutorial-style videos, illustrating each step on how to use the product. 

When creating audiences, we knew that it was imperative to think outside the box because the industry would be so competitive. So, we went after relatable interests, such as John Frieda and the Carol’s Daughter brand. We were able to target motivated audiences but also steal purchasers away from their preferred brands. 

Following our initial launch, we quickly identified a trend in sales. The data showed that our top-performing age demographic was 45+, driving the most sales from our cold campaigns. However, we had room to improve on our retargeting campaign. 

Building on these learnings, we divided up our retargeting campaign into two separate ad sets, targeting 18-49 and 50+ age groups with specific creative which were relatable to each group. This adjustment resulted in additional sales for the client and a ROAS of 4.54.

All of the above contributed to a very stable and profitable account for the client to continue working with that was ready to be scaled further in the coming months. As a result of the ads, the client saw an impressive increase in sales as well as improving brand awareness and reputation online. 

The Results

Since they joined, this is what we achieved with Trepadora: