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Overall ROAS across a four month period.

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Average CPA from our Paid Social campaign.

The Challenge

The Lounging Hound is a soft furnishings provider that creates luxury pet products that both the pet and the owner will enjoy. The products are designed for durability as well as style in order to offer practical solutions that enhance the lives of pets and the homes they live in.

The Lounging Hound approached The Good Marketer because they wanted a reliable and result-driven agency that could help communicate a consistent message across multiple channels. They wanted to build a strategy spanning Paid Social advertising, organic social and email marketing in order to increase sales and brand-to-audience connection.

During our initial analysis, we identified several key challenges:

  • Little to no results from previous digital marketing efforts and strategy.
  • The lack of perceived value of the luxury goods created objections and reduced purchases online.
  • Online presence lacked synchronicity across social channels and marketing.


The Lounging Hound’s main objective was to build the brand using Paid Social advertising. This channel was an ideal starting point based on their industry and intended audience. We decided to focus our initial efforts on this channel, defining a strategy to help us scale their online presence and overall market share. 

By reviewing all their previous Facebook campaigns, we ascertained that new copy and creative were needed in order to boost their appeal. We carried out in-depth competitor and audience research to determine which messaging would not only drive the most engagement and therefore results, but would resonate with The Lounging Hound’s target audience. This allowed us to identify gaps in their previous strategy, pockets in the audience pool that would be receptive to The Lounging Hound’s products, and ways to improve upon their previous lack of success with digital marketing.

We did this because it was important that our campaigns displayed strong brand storytelling, creating a narrative around The Lounging Hound which would increase the perceived value of the products and create a cohesive marketing strategy which could be expanded once we’d achieved profitable results. Understanding their intended audience allowed us to conjure the right tone in our copy, and build a strong brand on social media.

We started with a conversion campaign and learned as we gathered data that the prospecting audience was price sensitive. In order to combat this, we set live creative assets that showcased the products in a way designed to increase the perceived brand value in a competitive industry. 

To improve results further, we combined this with discount codes that would drive sustainable results even after these were no longer in effect. This boosted the overall reception towards The Lounging Hound’s products and generated positive results. As a result, over the four-month period, we produced an overall ROAS of 6.85 from our Paid Social campaign.

By creating an IFTTT marketing ecosystem to segment audiences, we were more able to meet them where they were in the buyers’ journey. The positive results that we were able to generate in the first four months of running The Lounging Hound’s campaigns were a direct result of our work to position the brand through content, creating a strong narrative that increased perceived value and drove successful campaigns. 

Retargeting website visitors and social media engagers with our bottom of the funnel campaign allowed us to recapture any potential customers who had dropped off the funnel, further increasing the revenue opportunities for our overall strategy. 

The Results

During the first four months of working with The Lounging Hound, we have been able to: