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Increase in purchases from Facebook/Instagram Advertising.

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Increase in clicks across a two month period.

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Decrease in the average cost per purchase.     

The Challenge

The Kebab Club approached us in the summer of 2022 with a view to increasing sales and brand awareness through Facebook and Instagram advertising. Offering a selection of Turkish and Cypriot condiments and marinades, The Kebab Club has a unique product offering that appeals especially to foodies and people interested in cooking.

When they approached us, The Kebab Club were looking for a proactive agency that could help them reach new customers. Having seen our previous projects working with clients in the food industry, The Kebab Club recognised our expertise and success in advertising similar products.

One of the key challenges we faced was increasing brand awareness. To do this, we identified that we needed to find the right audiences who have a high interest in the products The Kebab Club has on offer.

Some of the other initial challenges we identified were:

  • Low Average Order Value.
  • Lack of brand recognition & traffic due to being a start-up.
  • Low on-site conversion rate.


Before we started running our campaigns, we devised an audience hypothesis and worked on new creative that would best showcase the products. We then started the testing process with a Cold Conversion campaign.

After the initial weeks of monitoring the performance, we determined that the carousel format worked best in terms of creative. This format showed users multiple products at a time so had a broader appeal. We also started audience testing, starting with two different audiences initially – BBQs & Restaurants.

After reviewing the initial results as well as the data collected by the pixel, we created a Lookalike audience based on users who had added to their basket or visited the website. By creating an audience that mimicked these user profiles, we were able to increase the return on investment.

One of our key challenges was increasing the average order value.

To achieve this, we encouraged the client to introduce bundles which offered customers a better value deal at a higher price point. As a result, we saw the average order value increase by 25% over the course of a month.

Following the first month’s success, we were able to increase the budget for the two cold campaigns. With a larger ad spend, we started to see an increase in ROAS as the cold campaigns started scaling even without retargeting campaigns set up yet.

Over the first two month period, we generated a 27% increase in clicks, reduced the CPM by 39% and reduced the cost per purchase by 28%. This demonstrates that as the campaign scaled and had more spend behind it, we were able to reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

Moving forward, we plan to create a retargeting campaign that targets users who have interacted with the cold campaign but are yet to purchase. This strategy allows us to move consumers down the purchasing funnel to the point of conversion.

The Results

Across a two-month period, we have: